Mykonos has a very special atmosphere in which you can feel the first moment you step on the island. You may have seen a thousand photos but still, nothing will be able to transfer the unique feeling of luxury and having fun like first-hand experience.

For many people, Mykonos is a small Paradise on Earth. This is the reason that a lot of travelers keep returning to the island. Let’s have a look at what makes Mykonos irresistible and addictive.

  • The most luxurious accommodation

Luxury is a word that perfectly describes life in Mykonos. You will see it everywhere around you, from the restaurants to transportation. But the best part of it is the incredibly luxury accommodation.

The most amazing accommodation you can find in Mykonos is a Mykonos Villa collection close to the famous sandy beaches. It is the type of accommodation VIPs, celebrities and stars prefer when they spend time on the island. Mykonos Luxury Villas can be found everywhere but most of them are located near the dreamy beaches of the island. They offer everything you may need, all the amenities and a lot of great services.

People choose to stay in a Mykonos Villa for many reasons. The first one is definitely luxury. Other reasons are the privacy and the huge living spaces they offer, indoors and outdoors. A villa usually has big bedrooms and bathrooms, balconies with wonderful views, spacious living rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The outdoor swimming pool and garden are equipped with cozy sun loungers, comfortable sitting areas, and BBQs.

Villas Mykonos are highly recommended for big groups of friends or for travelers who like organizing private parties in their own space. Some of the bigger ones can sleep more than 30 guests.

Another option for a luxury accommodation is a five-star hotel or resort. Their rooms and suites are decorated with expensive items, they offer a lot of services and they usually have their own restaurants, bars, private beaches, and spas.The incredible bars and night clubs

Mykonos is usually described as a party island. In fact, it can only be compared to Ibiza and these two islands attract the majority of party animals and jet setters in the Mediterranean.

Mykonos Town, the capital of the island, is full of bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafes. After spending a whole day on the beach you can relax in a Little Venice café to drink a signature cocktail and watch the unique sunset. As the sun falls, people gather to the bars and night clubs until they become so crowded that you can hardly walk even on the alley in front of them.

An alternative to the city’s bars are the big night clubs on the southern beaches which are called “the party beaches”. Clubs there have a big interior space but most guests prefer to drink or dance outside, on the sand. The special feeling of dancing next to the sea and under the night sky is definitely an experience you should not miss.

The intense nightlife in Mykonos and the parties go on until morning. Mykonos is the ideal place for those who want to find a party near them anytime.

  • The fascinating beach life (beach bar – restaurants)

Many of the organized beaches in Mykonos have a lot of beach bars, cafes, and restaurants where you can rent a sunbed and an umbrella and spend hours next to the wonderful sea. But the new trend of beach venue is the all-day resort.

All-day resorts are luxury facilities that include everything a guest may need to have great fun on the beach: restaurants, bars, swimming pools, water sports, cabanas, boutiques, nice verandas and decks with comfortable sofas and, in some cases, even a spa. Some of the best all-day resorts are:

  • Nammos at Psarou beach – including the famous night club
  • Scorpios at Paranga beach – with a hippie-chic atmosphere, rituals, and events
  • Solymar at Kalo Livadi beach – in a more relaxing, not so crowded, atmosphere
  • Alemagou at Ftelia beach – with a bohemian character in a wonderful, serene location
  • Hippie Fish at Agios Ioannis beach – the idyllic place where the famous “Shirley Valentine” film was shot
  • Principote at Panormos beach – in a northern beautiful location protected from the winds




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