Travel doesn’t have to mean backpacks, hostels, and penny-pinching.

When you’re traveling to an exciting new destination, sometimes it’s nice to indulge yourself and live that luxury lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

But with so many aspects of your trip to transform with a touch of splendor, just where do you start when planning your luxury vacation?

Well, for you LAX flyers eager to try a more extravagant style of travel, the answers lie in this list of seven superb luxury travel tips.

  1. LAX Art Program

 You’ll be surrounded by luxury the moment you step foot in LA Airport, thanks to the LAX Art Program, which features some impressive exhibitions showcasing the work of some of the region’s most talented creators. Find out more about the art at LAX airport on the official website.

  1. Shopping

 LAX is home to premium name brands such as Burberry, Gucci, and Hermes. And since these goods are available duty-free, it’s definitely worth indulging your desires by adding to your fabulous holiday wardrobe.

  1. Airport lounge

 There’s nothing remotely luxurious about crowds of loud and impatient passengers rushing around like wild animals. However, if you book into an airport lounge, you’ll be able to enjoy some respite from this chaos, whilst sipping on a complimentary beverage or two. If you’re not already a lounge member, you can find LAX lounge access deals on Lounge Buddy.

  1. Checked baggage

 Packing light is fine for minor trips where you’re trying to do things on the cheap. However, on a luxury vacation, it’s worth paying that bit extra for checked luggage, so that you have sufficient room for both your essentials and your favorite extravagant items – the ones which will make your trip that touch more special.

  1. Luxury apartment

Room service, saunas and swimming pools make five start hotels a popular choice. However, a luxury holiday apartment is a superior choice because you’ll have more space and facilities which you can enjoy exclusively – you’ll find holiday apartments on Airbnb for locations across the globe.

  1. day

Going out and exploring is an important part of travel. However, reserve one day for relaxing in bed or snuggling up on the sofa while reading a book or listening to some music – it’s the perfect way to relax, reenergize and reward yourself.

  1. Drive to the airport

 Driving to the airport (or being driven) affords you a sense of comfort and freedom that’s unrivaled by public transport. Just remember to pre-book LA Airport parking on – it has fantastic early-bird deals that’ll leave you with more cash to splash on your luxury trip.

Follow these seven savvy tips and your next vacation from LA will be sublime from the start to finish.

What are your favorite luxury travel tips? Let us know in the comments section.

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