The Melbourne Cup is one of Australia’s best sports and it has been around for quite a long time. This race is one of the world’s longest staying races and it takes place every single year. In this review you will find all the Melbourne cup tips, the history and how the best predictions.


Melbourne Cup 2020, Schedule and Time


If you are asking yourself when this popular cup will be held this year, the answer is right here. For 2020, the race is scheduled to kick off on Tuesday November 3, at exactly 3p.m. The race will be held at the Flemington Racecourse. On the first day the opening race is usually held at 10.40a.m while the finale kicks off at 5.15p.m AEST. The main Melbourne Cup race takes place at exactly 3p.m as mentioned before.


Melbourne Cup History


The Melbourne Cup is one of the most popular races worldwide. The first race was held in 1861 and all the past Melbourne cup winners have become legends. Archer was the first runner to make it to the Melbourne cup winner list. Up to date nothing much has changed about the race but there are a few adjustments which have been put in place. During the first Melbourne Cup in 1861, only a total of 17 horses contested.


This race keeps getting better each year with thousands of punters and sports lovers uniting during the Cup period to witness the amazing race. One of the most famous Melbourne Cup contestants is Makybe Diva who won three consecutive times. Another name to be noted is Phar Lap who won the Melbourne Cup in 1930 without question.


Melbourne Cup Bet Types


The Melbourne Cup has become one of the most sought-after races by both punters and race fans. This section is for all punters who would like to wager on this year’s race. Most people think that the only way you can bet on this race is by wagering on a horse that will win. However, you will be surprised to learn that there are many different bet types. Here is a summary of the various Melbourne Cup bet types:


  • Win Bet-this is the most basic type of bet and many punters like wagering win bets. Placing this bet is very simple since all you have to do is bet on any horse you think will win the cup
  • Place Bet-for this type of bet punters have to wager on horses which they think will finish the race among the top three
  • Each-way Bet-it is a combination of the win bet and the place bet. So, if the horse you chose wins, you get both the win and place stakes. However, if the horse you chose doesn’t come in the first place, you only receive part of the Place stake
  • Live betting-nothing is more exciting than placing a bet while the race is taking place. For this type of bet you get a chance to place your bet when the race has already started or even before it starts
  • Head-to-head bet-this type of bet allows a punter to choose two horses and wager on the one that will complete the race before the other
  • Quinella Bet-a very simple bet type that lets you choose horses that you think will finish in the first or second position
  • Trifecta-with this type of bet a punter chooses three horses that will finish in the first, second and third position in that order


How to dress for the event


Fashion is an important factor for this event. It is full of exquisite and well-dressed people. Dressing in the best three piece suit that you have or even a well defining dress will make you blend in well with the environment.


Be in a comfortable outfit that will make your experience be worth remembrance. Dressing to kill is the key to having a spectacular time. Casual wear after the major events is also important. This is to blend in with other activities that you will have during the trip. This may include visiting the marine sites, having bonfires with friends or just going for exploration around the area.


Accommodation and Transportation


Are you worried about your stay? This is a no brainer Just as the racecourse is a walk by outside the city, you have plenty of places to have a detour. The Victoria market is a place that is worth exploring and you can get whatever you need.


Many hotels are readily available for the visitors and they also provide a way that you can attend the venue. Meals should not be a concern to you since there are diverse cuisines for you to try out. This is a chance for you to try out foods from different cultures and also experience the high class treatment on hospitality in Australia.


The event is expected to host hundred thousand people and over. Means of transport may be a concern but don’t worry since trains are readily available to take you from one destination to another. The trains go from the racecourse to Melbourne’s Flinders street station. It is a quick way to move about.  


Betting Tips on how to Find a Winner


If you are an enthusiastic punter you can tip the winner of the Melbourne Cup. To become an expert at predicting the winner here are some tips that might be helpful:

  • Avoid settling for the favourites and carry out some research about other competitors
  • Dig deep into the recent history about the Melbourne Cup race and let it guide you
  • Choose the exotic bet types that have big wins such as Exactas, and Quinellas
  • Always bet early when the odds are great especially for favourites


For 2020’s Melbourne Cup you should book your tickets in advance, plan your stay (click here for more information) and travel to avoid any disappointments. 


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