Just as you wear sun cream to protect your skin from the sun, you should also wear the right lenses to protect your eyes. UV light can be harmful for your vision, with overexposure taking an accumulative effect that can lead to an increased risk of cataracts(1). Looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body, so you should consider the different ways you can support this. This includes wearing the right lenses to shield your eyes from UV light.

Wearing sunglasses can be the perfect solution to protect your eyes. Tinted lenses in particular can be very helpful in providing the right level of comfort and protection for everyday life. What’s more, they are available in a range of styles and colours, ensuring you feel comfortable and stylish when wearing your sunglasses.

So, what exactly are tinted lenses and how can they benefit you?

What Are Tinted Lenses?

You probably recognise tinted lenses best from the fashionable, coloured lenses you have seen over the years. However, they are much more than just a fashion style. Tinted lenses are permanently tinted to help protect your eyes from UV light.

They come in a range of colours and tint intensities, not only to suit your personal style but also to ensure the lenses meet your visual needs perfectly. Thanks to this, tinted lenses can help provide protection for your eyes no matter what you’re doing.

How Do Tinted Lenses Work?

Choosing a pair of tinted lenses can present you with a lot of choices. You are able to choose whether you want a light tint or something darker, depending on the finished effect you’re looking for. Lighter tints are best suited for low light intensity, while dark tints are perfect for brighter light conditions.

You can also choose to have a graduated tint, which means the tint is darker at the top and gradually becomes clearer towards the bottom, perfect for when you’re in the garden reading a book or if you’re just looking for that new look.

The colours available for tinted lenses aren’t just for style. They can help with colour perception to enhance your vision, so it’s important to choose wisely. For instance, a brown tint is often favoured for everyday wear, as it can increase contrast and filter some harmful light. A yellow tint is ideal for increasing colour contrast and depth perception; it is often chosen for ski goggles.

Tint colours such as dark green or grey are perfect for the summer sun. Darker tints work by muting brightness but maintaining clarity and contrast.

How Can Tinted Lenses Help?

The most prevalent benefit of wearing tinted lenses is UV protection. Tinted lenses will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, and will also reduce glare. Glare can be incredibly uncomfortable and can cause temporary blindness, but wearing tinted lenses can reduce this while you’re out and about.

Providing comfortable vision at all times, tinted lenses will help to restore a natural colour balance, ensuring you are able to see natural colours through the lens while reducing brightness and maintaining clarity.



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