Buying a home comes with a huge financial responsibility. The best way to protect this significant investment is to ensure your home stays in tip-top condition. Just like a car, your house requires routine inspection and maintenance to prevent future stress and costly repairs. 


Although these maintenance-related tasks can sound intimidating, especially to first-time homeowners, they’re essential in keeping your home safe and comfortable for your loved ones. 


To ensure a spotless house, every homeowner should complete these five critical tasks on a monthly basis. Otherwise, you risk averting dinner party attendees and lowering your home’s resale value, costing you friendships and thousands of dollars in profits. 

Schedule regular pest control service

Keeping your house spotless requires routine pest control measures. Unfortunately, many of these pests carry allergens into your home. For example, some pests shed skin that contaminates your indoor air quality, while others drop their allergic-reaction-causing-feces around your living spaces. 


To protect your family from these health complications, ensure you implement appropriate pest control measures to keep your home safe. With the help of professionals like Moxie Pest Control, you can rest assured your home will remain sanitary and free from rodents and other pests that can make your life miserable.

Clean air filters

Air filters play a significant role in ensuring the air you breathe in your home is of good quality. Dirty air filters can damage your AC and can even spark household fires. 


Generally speaking, you should change your air filters about four times a year. However, experts recommend that you should inspect these filters at least once a month. These safety precautions will ensure they’re free from dust or debris, which can potentially clog the filters. By adding this to-do list item to your spring cleaning schedule, you’ll keep your home’s air clean and the system running more efficiently.

Trim shrubs around your HVAC system

If left for a long time, shrubs can grow around your air conditioning system, which can prevent sufficient airflow. Less-than-satisfactory airflow can force the equipment to use double the energy required to provide the desired cooling or heating effects. In the long-run, these shrubs can also damage your unit, reducing its efficiency. 


With these high stakes in mind, it’s in your best interest to trim these shrubs surrounding the unit, plus those in the surrounding areas. To achieve the best results, try to complete this task during the fall season.

Clean range hood filters

These range hood filters are responsible for collecting unsightly and fire-causing grease. If not checked regularly, it can lead to grease build up over time. It’s vital to clean these filters regularly to ensure they’re performing effectively. 


To achieve this purpose, remove the filter and place it in a container filled with hot water, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, and then rinse clean. You should also scrub the stubborn grease with a brush and dry the filters with a clean paper towel before putting them in place. 

Flush toilets and run water in unused areas

Check on the spaces around your home that you don’t regularly use, i.e., guest rooms, basement bathrooms, the rooms of your children who’ve already moved out, or other additional water sources that are seldom used. 


Regularly inspecting these areas will help prevent grime and other unwanted build-ups. By performing this ritual monthly, you can keep your home in stellar shape.

In summary

Whether you’re living in your forever home or hoping to sell in the next couple of years, these cleaning rituals can boost your home’s resale value and wow your houseguests. Don’t shrug off these range hood filters as out of sight, out of mind. When it comes time for an inspection, an inspector won’t overlook a single square inch of your property. Adopt a similar detailed-oriented approach when completing your monthly and weekly cleaning routines. 

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