For many of us, our vehicles are our best companions especially car. Because, it is still a big dream in many one’s life. As an owner and friend, we have to take care of our car like a babe. We spent quite a bit of money on that for getting a long life term, we have to maintain our car with the best way. Regular maintenance of a car is not only good for it, but also for our life security during a ride on it. Some survey specially noticed that, many accidents happen due to poor vehicles conditions. For avoiding that, we have to maintain our car in good manners. Here are some simple tips to maintain yours, as well as that, save your money too.

  1. ACCELERATE- the right way:

              Accelerate is always in your control so, it is quite easy to control and maintain it. Many people have a bad idea that speeding up your acceleration in starting stage will help your vehicles to warm up but truly it is not. Speeding up your vehicle on the starting stage will cause engine fire depending on outer weather. Be sure that you’re RPMs below 3000 for the first few hours of driving. Otherwise it causes gas guzzler. At the same time, maintaining your RMPs helps you to increase your gas mileage. To accelerate your car in the right way is always an important thing to keep in your mind.

  1. CONTROL YOUR SPEED- its control the damage:

            High speed is always a bad jerk to your car. It is always good and recommendable to maintain an ideal speed. High speed is always a bad feed when it is very hot or very cold on out. At the same time, driving with a good control speed gifts you to away from frequent repair. So, automatically you can save your money with your speed.

  1. FLUID LEVEL MAINTENANCE- food for your car:

                Always maintain your car with good fuel level and make sure that your vehicle is out of dryness. This dryness may cause a vacuum arrest in fuel bump or some other issues with fuel tank and engine too. And keep the main thing in your mind checks the fuel whether it will be clean and clear. Because of some dust particles may cause an erection as well a deposit in your fuel ways. Be sure with your fuel color too, the dark color may be an indication of some corruption. So fluid level maintenance is also an important thing to check in your car.

  1. REGULAR OIL CHANGES- bloodline for your car:

           Everyone knows blood is an essential major thing in our body. Likewise, oil is an important bloodline for your car. This oil protects your engine which is the heart of your car. Dry of oil or over oiling may cause a big damage to your car and it leads to a big bill you have to do with it. So avoiding that problem, you should maintain your oil level perfectly.

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR VEHICLE – they too have something to tell:

                Like human, cars also try to inform a problem in the starting stage. So, you must listen to your car. Whenever you feel a strange sound which is different from a regular one, which is an evil sign and warning given to you by your car. Means, there should be some mechanical problem if you do not follow with that it leads you heavy issue. So, try to always listen to what’s strange sounds means.

  1. CHECK YOUR CAR REGULARLY- make an appointment with yourself:

                 It is good to check and overview your car regularly, Minimum a weekly once or a monthly once. This will help you to find out the errors in the initial stage. So, that we can safe from getting a big repair issue. And this regular check-up helps your car be to on perfect mode at any time without fear.

  1. EXTEND YOUR TIRES LIFE- with simple steps: 

                 The new tire is quite a costly thing so, it is better to maintain your tire for long life may save to from frequent new tire bills. Extend your tire life by obeying the speed limit, avoiding sudden start-up and breaks, and must avoiding rash diving’s. So that we can extend the life of tire.

These are some tips to maintain your car and avoid waste bills to save money. Apart from this, some other things are there like- to learn how to change your own filters, avoid idling and make neutral at red lights etc. Want to know more facts or details regarding cars or bike check mippin where you can find some great thing in automotive industry. So these tips are not only simple but also they will definitely save your money

Also, if you don’t have a garage or space to work on your car, consider getting one of these portable garages.

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