If you are a collector of high-end wines, look for further knowledge about this club in Beverly Hills.

Enter The Cellar Beverly Hills, a private membership club and concierge service setting a new standard for the wine-collecting experience.  Hidden in the heart of Beverly Hills, this underground venue will be providing an exclusive membership program.  With its speakeasy vibe and modern décor, The Cellar has created a getaway for oenophiles to experience new wines, their own wines, and many of the other luxuries of living in Los Angeles. Space is cold, dark and consistent, the perfect environment to store your wine.

Beverly Hills

Behind its doors (and state-of-the-art security), lie wine lockers and concierge services that would make any wine lover gush.  The Cellar aims to take care of its members both inside and outside their walls, so they had their own web-app built to support their services.  Every member of The Cellar has their collection regularly inventoried by The Cellar’s team and then updated in their account so they can see what is in their locker at any time.  But their coolest trick?  On-demand delivery.  

Beverly Hills

The place will deliver your wine 24/7 — tableside to your favorite restaurant, or home longing for your favorite California Cab.

“I wanted to set the bar high with our storage and concierge service, and with the look of our venue,” said Sam Bialosky, founder, and CEO. “Once that bar was set, we could get the caliber of members that we wanted, and it’s our members who really make the membership program what it is, and what it is becoming.”

Mr. Bialosky is also thrilled to be opening the Destination Luxury Lounge at The Cellar Beverly Hills in the coming weeks.  “We could not ask for a better partner than Destination Luxury.”

The 276 lockers can hold up to 50,000 bottles.

“We needed to be able to visualize the bottles to be able to do inventory and on-demand delivery efficiently.  I wanted a modern industrial look that would be balanced out by other elements of The Cellar.  So we went about getting them produced.  All of the lockers are custom steel.  They are made in groups of three, with each three locker set weighing 600 lbs, secured to both the floor and ceiling for earthquake safety,” says Bialosky,

It’s really incumbent upon the sender of fine wines to make sure they’re shipping at an ideal time.  Wineries delay shipments all the time due to inclement weather.  The Cellar is the perfect spot for premium vineyards to deliver the bottles to. Members can pick up the bottles and take them to their homes.

Reach out to The Cellar and mention Destination Luxury for a special membership offer.



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