The first images of the Maserati 2018 Ghibli GrandLusso have finally surfaced. They have released ahead of the official unveiling at the Chengdu Motor Show in China.

This is the model’s first “makeover” since its successful introduction four years ago.


There is a new front grille, as well as a slightly redesigned front bumper. The rear fascia has also been changed together with the sides that now sport GrandLusso badging. According to Maserati, the tweaks are not only for the looks — they also improve the car’s aerodynamics. The said updates also bring the Ghibli visually closer to the rest of the Maserati family.

The alterations appear to be subtle in the Maserati 2018 Ghibli GrandLusso, which is fine: the company has already done an excellent job with the car. It’s easily one of the best-looking luxury sedans in the market.MASERATI 2018 GHIBLI GRANDLUSSO

On the technological side, the GranLusso is getting adaptive LED headlights with glare-free high beams and new driver-assistance systems that are said to point the company in the direction of fully autonomous driving cars. The details about what the systems do exactly are yet to be revealed. While this might not be the first Maserati that will drive you around by itself, it will definitely make the ride smoother and, most likely, safer.

It will be interesting to see how luxury companies will adapt their cars with all the new technologies that are surfacing. Rumor has it Maserati is also working on a fully electric car that could be launched as early as 2020. Who knows, maybe we will see a fully autonomous and electric Maserati by then?

MASERATI 2018 GHIBLI GRANDLUSSOThe Maserati 2018 Ghibli GrandLusso is expected to arrive before the end of September. While prices have not been announced, the current model starts around $72,300, with the Ghibli S starting from $78,000 and the Ghibli S Q4 starting from $80,500.  

All images courtesy of Maserati.

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