According to Statista, more than 40 percent of U.S. travelers under 60 years old tend to take weekend vacations multiple times each year, and around 64 percent go on at least one summer weekend trip annually.


While it’s a great way to spend a couple of days or more, the packing factor isn’t. When it’s only a weekend, most of us tend to do it last minute, bringing too much or forgetting something important. Packing just right is practically a form of art, but by following these tips you can pack the perfect bag for a weekend trip, whether it’s a quick jaunt to the beach, to tour the homes among Arlington real estate or anything else. 


Check Your Accommodations’ Amenities to Avoid Duplicates


Before you start packing, be sure you don’t bring any duplicates by checking the list of amenities your accommodation offers. For example, most hotels have hairdryers, and Airbnbs often do too. 


Pack for the Weather


While it may sound obvious, packing for the weather can mean the difference between packing a heavy coat and a light rain jacket. Take a look at the forecast just before you leave to avoid bringing a bulky sweater or sweatshirt you’ll never end up wearing because it’s 90 degrees and sunny all weekend.


Mix and Match Clothing


If you choose pieces that you can mix and match, you won’t need to bring as many items and you’ll have more outfits to choose from. If you aren’t sure what you’ll wear each day, bring items that you know go well together so you can decide later, including some that can easily transition from day to night. It’s generally better to pack fewer bottoms and more tops that can easily be switched out depending on your activities and the weather.


Lay It All Out


Before you put it in your bag, lay everything out in one place so you can see it. A perfect pack always begins by doing a full inventory of the contents you’re about to toss in. Carefully consider what you’ll really need and then get rid of what you aren’t sure about. If you’re on the fence, it’s best to leave it. You can save a lot of room by bringing the smallest toiletry items you can find, like travel size shampoo and toothpaste. Or you can squeeze your favorite personal care products into small containers with tight-sealing lids. 


Roll It and Organize It


You can prevent wrinkles and save space by rolling your clothing. Begin with bulkier items like jeans and jackets, placing them at the bottom along with heavier shoes that can provide the base for a bag. If you have any breakable items you want to bring, place them in the middle, along with any medium-sized items. The top layer should contain anything you might need right away to make it easier to grab, or you can put them into an outside compartment. Clothing that is easily wrinkled can be placed on top to prevent them from getting squished by heavier items.


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