If there is one city in India that best describes the composite culture of incredible India, it is the capital city – New Delhi. It is an amazing amalgamation of the beautiful architecture of ancient times and the wonderous skyscrapers of modern times. One can choose to travel to New Delhi for a romantic getaway or to just soak in the rich history and culture associated with the city. Let us now get into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the journey from SFO to Delhi .


 Flights to India



 To embark upon a journey from one continent to another requires meticulous planning that needs to start way in advance. This is not only good for the pocket but also ensures that a person makes the most out of such a vacation and is ready for almost any kind of surprise! Like any other trip, our journey must begin with choosing the right flight! Thankfully, there are a lot of options available like United Airlines, Air India, Cathay Pacific, and so on. If booked way in advance, you will be able to get a great price too! Options like a non-stop flight, a one way or a round trip is also available. Most tourists opt for a round trip to make matters easier for them. The website myticketstoindia is the most popular amongst foreign tourists due to the amazing and affordable deals that they offer ranging from last-minute deals to corporate discounts and other packages. This is one website which you can trust completely!


Choose how much you wish to spend 


 It is upon you to decide whether you wish to spend lavishly or go on a budget trip. The best part is that both the options are available, but till you don’t choose how much it is that you wish to spend, you won’t be able to plan an itinerary for yourself. Usually, when it is a romantic getaway, tourists tend to go all out and not care about spending much, but if it is a couple of friends or a solo trip, one tends to look for safer and more budgeted options. To make the most of your journey, you must decide the expenses at the very onset.


Transport options 


 Upon reaching New Delhi, one must be aware of the ways to commute in the city as it is very easy to get duped by some people. It isn’t as though every tourist is unsafe in Delhi; however, it never hurts to make certain smart decisions while you are visiting the city. One of the best ways to commute is to let the hotel that you have chosen to arrange transport for you. If not, then cab services like Uber, Ola, Meru cabs or Sarkha Cabs which are basically for women travelers, keeping in mind their safety. Apart from that, if saving time and money are top on your priority list, then you can also travel by metro which is well organized but rather crowded, much like most of the city!


How safe is Delhi? 


This is the first question that comes to the mind of any tourist when they book their flights to India. Environment wise, the pollution level has come down drastically due to the administrative efforts of the current government of Delhi. Otherwise, be prepared to be stared at and occasionally cat-called but its quite rare for a tourist to suffer serious problems in the city. Women must dress a bit conservatively when they come from  San Francisco to Delhi to avoid any possible issues. Apart from this, if precautions are taken, Delhi is a lot of fun!


Where to stay? 


 Mostly tourists pre-book their hotels when they book their flights to India. This is a wise option, and hence, here we will give you a fair idea as to the areas which are conducive for tourists to choose a hotel. For luxurious hotels, you can choose from a variety of hotels at Connaught Place, which is brimming with energy at all hours due to the innumerable options to shop and eat! Tourists also tend to opt for South Delhi due to the picturesque beauty and options of B&B in and around it. If a yoga retreat and meditation sounds like your thing, then you can choose from a lot of options in and around Delhi where farmhouses are given on rent. 


Explore Delhi 



 The whole idea of coming to Delhi is to explore its beautiful architecture and enjoy its cosmopolitan and trendy bars! There are a lot of options to choose from and some absolute ‘must’ options that one should explore. Let us first begin with the best that Old Delhi has to offer! The Jama Masjid, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan, is one of the largest mosques in India which is made of beautiful red sandstone and marble. The Red Fort, India Gate, Qutub Minar, and the Humayun’s tomb are some of the other architectural beauties of this city. In fact, some of them have been recognized as the UNESCO heritage site. Apart from this, if shopping excites you then the Sarojini Market, South Delhi, and Connaught Place are some areas you can explore! The food of Old Delhi is popular all across the globe! Iconic places like Karim’s and Qureshi and others are a must!


Don’t get overwhelmed


Amongst the first few thoughts that a foreign tourist has upon reaching Delhi is the overwhelming feeling of chaos! Upon boarding the flight, prepare your mind to be dazzled by the crowd and bustle of Delhi. Yes, it is chaotic and possibly scary due to the large noise and people around but that, my friend, is the pulse of the city! Stay in your lane, organize your days, and don’t try to venture out alone late at night and you will be sorted! The journey from San Francisco to Delhi might be overwhelming, but it is one that you will never forget! Just ensure that you keep first aid, try not to travel around the Diwali festival as there will be a bit more pollution at that time, and pre-book your stay and travel. These little steps will ensure that you have an amazing time in this beautiful city of India.


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