These days, life moves too fast. And most of the times, we forget to cherish what really matters. We hardly ever just stop and breathe, or take out some time to appreciate the greatest gift the universe has bestowed upon us; Mother Nature.

Spending some time away from cell-phones into the world where real creatures not just exist, but where we can also interact with them and get to know what true inner healing means, seems a concept too far away these days. But lately a new ray of hope has emerged. People from all around the globe have been much more attracted to gorilla tours executed in the areas such as Rwanda, Uganda or Congo. You get to explore a lot more animals, birds and mammals living in their natural habitats, while traveling within these places. While all these areas are rich in terms of history, cultures and traditions that bring you closer to the nature-enthusiast in you, but Rwanda has exclusively been famous for all the adventure you get to embark upon.

An Exclusive Wild-Life Experience:

Trips to Rwanda do not just bring you closer to nature, but you also get to live an experience beyond that! Travel holidays spent in the mountains of Rwanda can help us with the process of connecting to the real, and disconnecting from the virtual world. Moreover, your vision is super satisfied, seeing all the beautiful sceneries from the lush countryside, and green terraced hills. A gorilla tour to Rwanda brings along visits to amazing monuments, volcanoes and national parks. The National Parks are piled up with diverse species of animals, birds and what not! The Akegera National Park in Rwanda serves as a home to elephants, rhinos, leopards and even lions and buffaloes.

Umuganda; A Unique Practice

The local residents of Rwanda are warm and compassionate, making this tour even more meaningful, especially with their ‘Umuganda’ tradition. This is a tradition followed by all the residents of Rwanda, aged from 18 to 65, where they all come together every last Saturday of the month to perform various public activities or social works. The markets are closed, the cars are stopped and everyone fulfills their duty of being rightful citizens to the country rich in its natural remains.

Top Gorilla Tour Destination:

Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda has till date been sheltering the highest population of the endangered mountain gorillas in the ‘Virunga Conservation Area’. Apart from all the beautiful experiences mentioned above, different gorilla families are also all around Rwanda to welcome you, where you can make a lot of pictures and videos. You may also be awarded a gorilla trekking certificate by the authorities. All in all, the gifts and favors of this green mountainous land cannot be done justice to, within a few lines. One has to pay a visit his/her own self!

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