Train travel in Canada in general and luxury train travel particular is certainly an enthralling experience in this country. Canada offers a fantastic canvas of variety in terms of sceneries and most of them are natural, unspoiled and simply awe-inspiring. While going in for a trekking trip could be an option, you can cover much more by train and get to see a wide variety of flora, fauna and the best of nature when you decide to choose luxury train travel in Canada. There is no dearth of routes and destinations that you could choose when you decide to move around Canada on rail. It certainly would not be possible to cover each and every destination that is covered by rail route. We are therefore sharing a few important ones for the benefit of our readers.

The Rocky Mountaineer

This is without any doubt one of the most iconic and memorable train journeys that one can aspire to have when in Canada. The train service is named as Rocky Mountaineer and it will take you through some of the most fascinating and stunning landscapes. The train coaches are specially made to help you enjoy the sceneries without any hindrance. The glass dome coaches are custom designed. As you savor the sceneries along the way, you also will be treated to gourmet dishes that have been created by high-class chefs. The meals are made using local ingredients.

Via Rail The Ocean

This is the oldest running passenger train in North America that has a special name attached to it. The train carries the passengers through Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick since 1904. This is an awesome 836 mile trip that takes you through the stunning Bale des Chaleurs. You will be amazed to come across small villages that have stood the test of time. They line the rocky coast and you will thoroughly enjoy the glimmering water as the sun kisses the ocean.

Via Rail The Canadian

Canada is a huge country and it would be impossible to cover the entire country in a single trip. However, this journey certainly takes you very close to this. This train trip will take you from Toronto to Vancouver. It is a five-day journey that laps up five provinces in its stride. You will pass through mountains, lakes and prairies. Since you will be travelling in prestige class, you can be certain to enjoy the best of meals, concierge services and even private lounges.

Oxford Express

If you wish to travel through some of the best Eastern Townships of Quebec, then you must try out Oxford Express. The fantastic journey apart, this train trip will also be remembered for the high quality cuisine. It is a day trip option and is available from May to December. The pastoral views will be simply breath-taking and the refined dishes with Quebec-grown potatoes will pamper your taste buds for use.

Useful Tips For Booking A Luxury Train Trip

Here are a few tips that could be helpful when you decide to go in for a luxury train trip in Canada.

  • Always book a sleeper car. This is because sleeper cars are comfortable and in some trains they are like a compact hotel room. These sleeper cars come with double bed, attached bathroom and shower, flat screen TV and a large sized glass window that offers unhindered sceneries. You will love to spend the night sleeping on these sleeper cars and it will be a kind of lullaby.
  • Keep extra time in hand for onward travel. It would not be a good idea to book for the onward journey the same day you arrive at a destination. Your time of arrival is an estimate and it could be delayed for reasons not exactly under your control. There is nothing wrong spending a night and then moving ahead with your onward destination. You stay fresh and also avoid the risk of missing the onward trains.
  • Have some analog entertainment avenues. While all trains have WiFi connectivity, the grid might go off air especially in remote locations. In such situations, having some analog entertainment options could help you to spend some time, especially if you are used to a fast-paced urban way of life.
  • Travel in the winter. Yes, winters are cold in Canada, but if you can handle it, traveling during winter is a good option. It will help you enjoy some of the most magical and heavenly sceneries with fresh snow clinging to mountain tops, trees and almost everywhere. The trains are also less crowded and you can choose the seat of your choice. You also can enjoy some awesome winter festivals and rituals along the way.
  • Booking early in the day always helps. When travelling in luxury trains in Canada, always book early. You will not be disappointed with a fully-booked train but you also will be able to choose the seat you want.
ETA/Visa For Travelling In Luxury Train In Canada

Introduced in 2015 Canadian eTA is a requirement under the Canadian Immigration law. This is a more scientific way of assessing the visitors and finding out if they have the right to enter Canada before they are allowed to travel. This has perhaps made processing of foreign nationals’ visit efficient. eTA stands for electronic travel authorization for those who plan to visit Canada. This is applicable only for British Citizens and is for those who are planning a visit to the country for tourism (short stays), business trips, using Canada as a destination for onward travel to some other country. eTA allows the visitors to travel to Canada without a Visa. But this is applicable only if they enter and leave by air. Those without eTA will have to avail the normal visa. Here are some requirements for applying for Canadian eTA.

  • British passport valid at least for 6 months from the date of travel.
  • Credit or debit card to pay the fee ( It must be valid)
  • Right and working email address.
  • Additionally, the eTA application should submit some relevant information such as name, nationality, occupation, details of passport, passport issue and expiry date.

There is some more information that has to be submitted. It would not be a bad idea to take the help of professionals to have a better understanding of eta Canada requirements for UK citizens.

Though there are many such companies that are into eTA processing, choosing CanadaonlineVisa could be a good option. This is because they have the right kind of experience and expertise when it comes to handling each and every matter pertaining to eTA from start to end. They have experience not only in offering eTA based services to British nationals, but also could help in Visa requirements for travelers and tourists from Australia, Japan, Mexico and other countries a list of which is available on their website. Yes, they will charge a fee but it is worth it because they will be able to a professional job of it. A visit to the website of CanadaonlineVisa could be of help in more ways than one.


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