A new season in the fashion world can only mean one thing: new trends of watch out for. As we close one chapter and pack away our summer outfits, it’s time to start familiarising ourselves with the biggest trends for the next few months ahead. Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for wholesale clothing, here are the top trends for AW19 and the key pieces you should add to your collection.

Beige is Big

Despite the usual inclination towards moodier colour palettes, beige remains a top trend for AW19, as it has done so in previous years. There is nothing boring or bland about beige this season with plenty of designers incorporating this classic hue into their autumn/winter collections. From Burberry to Max Mara, all shades of beige have been spotted, mixed with other earthy hues and bold berries for a timeless autumn look. To get your own piece of the action, a beige coat is always a sound investment piece, one that will have you looking on trend for this autumn, while looking timeless for years after.

Knotted Knitwear

It would hardly be an autumn trend alert without some mention of knitwear. As expected designers have yet again managed to put a fresh twist on knitwear, giving this seasonal staple fresh life for AW19. For this year, knitwear will make its way into our lives looking far more deconstructed with knots and oversizing both featuring prominently. Expect to see no rules in colour choices, and the trend for knitwear this year is much more about its construction and stylish rather than colour and pattern choices.

Boiler Suits

Ah yes, the trend which perfectly combines comfort and style. There’s one that seems to pop up every season isn’t there? For AW19, this comes in the form of boiler suits. Once nothing more than a humble uniform, this statement look has now become a darling of the fashion world. Paired with designed accessories, the boiler suit should be your top outfit choice for autumn. Add high heels for a killer night look, or pair with some Gucci trainers in the day to be the envy of everyone else in your office.

Mellow Yellow

Yet another trend that defies the usual rules for the season, mellow yellow is here to stay! We’ve seen this colour make waves in the fashion world all year, and for AW19 it’s all about the rich hue of yolk yellow. The perfect antidote to the grey skies and dull days of autumn, yellow will add a joyous pop of colour to your autumn wardrobe, as showcased by Fendi and Balenciaga, among other designers.

Monochrome Madness

Tonal dressing is one trend that has worked its way up from street style rather than filtering down from designer collections. Before you start imagining dreary black outfits, there’s nothing to say that a monochrome outfit cannot be colourful andchic. Quite the opposite actually. This season, tonal dressing is all about embracing the brighter shades, by wearing them head to toe. Or, to add some depth to your outfit, choose different tones of the same hue, for a sophisticated outfit that still looks bright and cheery rather than somber.



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