If there’s one term that excites all of us, then it has to be the word ‘vacation.’ After months of buckling down and a great deal of day-dreaming, your vacation dates are finally circled on your calendar and round the corner. You have booked the ticket and prepped up well for a merited time of city-hopping, sun-kissed adventures, and beach relaxing. But there’s still one job pending before you make your way out of the door and that is, to pick the right vacation watch.

Your watch’s case dimensions, water resistance, usefulness, and even its strap are all important aspects that need your consideration. We all have faced the situation of finding the right vacation watch for those thrilling adventures and sunny days. In light of this, here is a brief guide of recommendations to ensure your timepiece is travel-appropriate.

  1. Size and form

While people have diverse tastes, a watch that is either oversized or small will eventually only be a deterrent. Your holiday watch should rest conveniently on your wrist. Extra points if it is low maintenance! Look for the ergonomic designs if your vacations involve outdoor sports activities such as hiking, riding, sailing, climbing, etc.

  1. Strap

You should also give consideration to the strap while selection. It all comes down to the kind of vacation spot you’re going to and the adventures you’ll be indulging yourself in. A leather strap watch such as Cartier Tank is suitable when you aim to roam around the town, have dinners at aesthetic restaurants, and meet your friends. Other types of material such as stainless steel, textile, and rubber are also a good choice as your everyday holiday wear.

Rubber straps are perfect for dry and tropical places as this type is water-resistant. Stainless steel is sturdy, sit fixed if properly tied, and is a decent choice for different sorts of bumpy environments. NATO material straps are not only visually appealing, they also rest firmly on the wrist and are comparatively convenient to clean.

  1. Water Resistance

This is an unquestionable requirement for anyone going on a vacation and will be frequently coming into contact with water. Fortunately, most quartz and mechanical timepieces are fitted with some standard of water resistance. Thus, these watches are manufactured to withstand an inattentive sprinkle of water or a brief shower.

  1. Optics

This is where it will be best to stay focused on the theme. An exquisite dress watch is an incredible pick for sophisticated events and an athletic looking timekeeper is an equally a great choice for your outdoor activities. What is basic to remember is if your venturesome personality has you taken off into the remote corners of the globe, it’s important to be mindful of your environment. You don’t want to carry too much luxury as it has the affinity to draw all kinds of undesirable attention.

  1. Price

Your timepiece’s price is also worth considering. Should you really bring an expensive watch on your get-away is a question everyone needs to answer themselves. A hearty piece that offers functionality and visual interest yet doesn’t promptly propagate its retail cost isn’t a bad deal.