Evergreen CO is a very beautiful place. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to live in a peaceful place and enjoy the picturesque views. However, moving to a new place requires research. And if you have kids, then you need to do a lot of research. Is the place safe for kids? Are there any activities that your kids will enjoy once you move? Are there places nearby where you and your kids can go together? These are just a few of the questions you should be able to answer prior to moving.

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a few activities that you and your kids can do near Evergreen CO. Read more if you’re interested to find out.


Activities you and your kids can do near Evergreen CO

Go see the Morrison Natural History Museum

If your kids are into dinosaurs, then you should take them to the Morrison Natural History Museum. It’s as if you are in Jurassic Park where you can learn all about those impressive and iconic dinosaurs. You can even see some fossils and bones. Now, how cool is that?

The Morrison Natural History Museum is small. However, it has huge discoveries that are filled with hands-on exhibits at Jefferson County’s original paleontology museum. The researchers do their work in the fossil preparation lab so your kids can encounter both historic and modern fossils. Don’t let your kids miss the real-life T-Rex skull that they can gently touch!

Here’s a fun fact: Some of the finds in this museum include baby sauropod tracks, a baby Stegosaurus, and even the lost muzzle of on Apatosaurus ajax.

The exhibits in this museum cover different topics, which include the Time Garden where you and your kids can investigate Morrison’s geologic setting and onsite fieldwork from the researchers. Your kids can dig for their own fossils in the Dig Pit, or immerse themselves in a patch of Jurassic fora in the Jurassic Garden. 

But that’s not all you can find there. The Morrison Natural History Museum also has the fossils of live reptiles and amphibians among saber-tooth cats and mammoths.

This place is only 25 minutes west of Downtown Denver, so this is an ideal museum where your kids can step back in time and study about a world that only existed millions and millions of years before today. And since it’s the perfect orientation to the Dinosaur Ridge areas, you’ll surely enjoy a full dino experience. 

You can explore the Morrison Natural History Museum with a guide, since there are three tours daily, but you can also explore the museum with just your kids with you.  You’re always welcome to do that. After all, it’s the ultimate way for your kids to explore what walked on the ground before us – only way bigger.

Remember, at the Morrison Natural History Museum, a Jurassic-sized adventure is waiting for you and your kids. 

Visit the Colorado Railroad Museum

The Colorado Railroad Museum, founded in 1959, is among the top ten attractions of the Denver Metro area near Evergreen CO. Located on 15 acres at the base of North Table Mountain in the golden foothills of the Rockies, the Colorado Railroad Museum is the largest narrow-gauge museum in the Rocky Mountain West. It has 100 pieces of equipment, which includes several historic steam locomotives. Don’t miss the Denver Garden Railway exhibit or the Denver HO Club model railroad layout that is nestled in a beautiful shady garden spot on the museum grounds.

The Cornelius Hauck Roundhouse, which was designed like a roundhouse in the early 1990s, is a state-of-the-art restoration facility. Outside the roundhouse is a working Armstrong turntable. Meanwhile, the Richardson Library has one of the most extensive collections of railroad materials in the US.

The Colorado Railroad Museum features the Museum Depot, which is a replica of a depot in 1880. It houses exhibits that tell the story of the colorful railroad history of Colorado.

This is a perfect place for families and rail fans alike. You’ll find many of the historic rail cars, and they’re open to the public. There are also many opportunities throughout the year for you to ride behind a locomotive in a 19th-century passenger car.

Check out the Apex Park and Recreation District

The Apex Park and Recreation District is about giving active kids and families a place where they can learn, have fun, use up their energy, and keep healthy. It is located in northeast Jefferson County or northwest Metro Denver. This place offers a range of age-specific and family-oriented activities for multi-generational fun. It also recognizes and appreciates the diversity of the interests of its participants. They offer crafts and computer classes, along with softball, soccer, and everything in between.

This center surrounds activity centers, fitness facilities, and indoor and outdoor pools. This means that you and your kids have so many options to choose from. The goal is to make Apex Park and Recreation District an ideal place where kids of all ages can play. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

You and your kids can enjoy a lot of activities here, including art, music, and cheerleading. You can also learn ice hockey, gymnastics, dance, pickleball, tennis, and even racquetball! There are pre-school programs, youth activities, and more!

If you’re not into any of those, then you can check out the 23,000-square-feet indoor water park, with slides, a play pool, and a lap pool. You and your kids can also try rock climbing!

Are you up for an active family day out near Evergreen CO? Get your energy used up at the Apex Park and Recreation District.


These are just three of the places you can visit near Evergreen CO. If you think they’re too far, then you can choose to visit places without leaving Evergreen instead. You can visit the Evergreen Gallery with your kids to appreciate art, or you can check out the Echo Lake Park and enjoy fishing and wildlife watching with your kids. It doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you get to make good memories with your kids.

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