Anniversary trips, honeymoon trips, even just a trip you want to splash out because your work has been stressful and you deserve it—there are so many reasons why we want to enjoy a luxury trip at one point or another, while also knowing what to do to make it that much more comfortable, convenient, and still stay within budget (no matter what that budget is). Here are some tips for planning a luxury trip without overspending.


Skip the Hotel and Stay Somewhere Different 


Hotels can be great. They are familiar, efficient, and have a bunch of creature comforts we enjoy. They can also be luxurious, but these hotels can be extremely expensive. If you want achieve luxury on a budget, or you are just looking for alternative accommodation, then find a vacation home or apartment. These can be rented—often for a fraction of what you would pay at a five-star hotel or resort, and are unique and special enough to feel like they were made just for you. 


Book Big Events and Make Reservations Before You Go 


Events, entrances, and even restaurant reservations should now be booked before you go. Timed entrances are now the norm around the world to help keep the number of people inside to an amount that makes it easy to socially distance. By booking in advance you can enjoy a VIP-esque treatment while ensuring you don’t miss out on anything that you have had your heart set on. 


Treat Yourself to the Comfort of Your Own Vehicle 


Your luxury trip shouldn’t begin when you touch down. It should begin when you leave your home. The best and most luxurious option, though it may not seem like it, is the comfort of your own vehicle. You can either get a family member or a friend to drop you off at the airport, or use to secure yourself a convenient and affordable long-stay parking option. Either way, never underestimate how luxurious creature comforts can be, especially with the additional safety measures that cabs and taxis now need to take to get you to the airport. 


Upgrade to VIP Where You Can 


VIP is actually a lot more affordable than many people think. Start right from the airport. VIP lounges are great and you can often buy a day-pass to stay and enjoy them if you are early for your flight or if you have a long layover somewhere. Similarly, there are VIP upgrades for a host of events you may be interested to going to, and if the cost isn’t too much more, you will be able to enjoy a truly luxurious experience without breaking the bank. 


Focus on Sensation 


Luxury is experienced through the senses. Try to eat better, appreciate beautiful views, and listen to great sounds. By focusing on what the senses find luxurious, rather than shopping or getting caught up in what people want you to buy, you’ll find your memories are that much more beautiful and captivate you for longer. 


It’s walking down a beach at sunrise instead of going for a cruise. It’s finding that perfect picnic spot instead of eating at the tourist-trap of a restaurant. Try to find your own brand of luxury, and your trip will be incredible. 


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