Are you planning to travel from Vancouver to New York this season? Well, the journey may be overwhelming but what you should ask yourselves is what you should exercise in your final destination. When you organize your trip in advance, you can get an opportunity to book the best hotels and get the best tickets that will allow you to enjoy most of your time in New York City. What’s impressive about New York City is its home of culture, entertainment, development infrastructure, and outstanding tourist attraction sceneries.  


Tips while traveling from Vancouver to New York


There are about seven nonstop flights per week between Vancouver International Airport and the John F. Kennedy International Airport. You may have to spend 7hours 5minutes (2428 miles); thus, booking a comfortable flight will minimize boredom along the way. The choice is yours when you get to New York City because many things are waiting for you to see and do. But remember, you can always rent/hire taxis to walk you around New York city as you get to see the amazing place.  


What to do in the New York City  


Every season, visitors fill New York City, and you see pictures taken from amazing New York City scenes posted on the social media pages. You aren’t an exemption; here is your chance to live up to your dream. Don’t worry whether you are traveling from Vancouver to New York for business or personal reasons; you’ll always find this city welcoming. In your free time, you can always visit the New York attractions we’ve listed below.   


#1. Visit the Statue of Liberty 


A very symbolic gift given to the United States by France in 1886 to honor the Alliance that was forged between the two nations during French Revolution. Today, the Statue of Liberty is among America’s top landmarks; spending your time here at peace will give you a sense of liberty.  


Too many immigrants who visit the United States, the statue symbolizes freedom and journey towards a better future. However, it’s better to know that only 240 people are allowed to visit the Statue of Liberty daily, so if you have some strength and proper planning, you’ll be among the 240 people. However, if you can’t make it to the crown, you can always visit the Liberty island to find a free Ranger-led tour.  


#2. Staten Island Ferry  


According to the Staten Island Ferry records, about 22 million annual riders, of whom 1.5 million are tourists, get a chance to see the Iconic New York Views.  


As you travel, you see the statue of liberty and New York Harbor. This happens in an hour ride in between St. George, Staten Island. And Manhattan. You’ll also get to see state of the art, buildings constructed to accommodate many passengers all year round.  


#3. Empire State Building 


Empire State Building is a classic New York attraction and a simple that many people who travel from Vancouver to New York always find it impressive. Watching from the 102nd-floor and 86th-floor, visitors always get a chance to see New York City and its surrounding very vividly. Moreover, it was opened in 1931 during the Great Depression.  


When you check at its lobby and architecture, you’ll see a reflection of the Art Deco Era. Those traveling From Vancouver to New York can always book for tickets to the observation decks in advance to reduce the waiting time.  


#4. Central Park 


With 843 acres, Central Park provides a welcome escape for anyone willing to spend time interacting with nature. It’s estimated that about 42 million people pay a visit to the green oasis every year. You can do it in the pack to relax, explore, and exercise; besides, you can organize a picnic and spend quality time with your friend or family at the park.  


This has been the routine since the mid-19th century. Central Park Conservancy is always available at the destination to take you around at no charges. They offer a free guided tour.  


#5. Visit The Thousand Islands 


Time to walk around and see what natural resources are available in New York. Thousands Islands are approximated to be 2000. However, some of them are too tiny and can’t support even a tree. Some of these Islands are for Canada, but those in New York will give a cool filing of visiting islands.  


Boldt Castle, one of the Notable New York Attractions on the Heart Island, was built by a gentleman who adored his wife. By visiting the Antique Boat Museum, you can get recorded history about the place.  


New York Neighbourhoods


Like any other estates in the US, New York neighborhoods are ideal for party life, trekking, dinner, or art. Also, if you want to stroll around, you’ll always get somewhere to walk without the local authority bothering you.  




Chinatown is a hot bet of cultural flare and allows you to see the authentic dim sum. Moreover, there are various food recipes you can always order for the hotels and restaurants, both with American recipes, among others. Furthermore, you can still find pork burns a live eel sold in public. As the name suggests, it’s not all about China’s culture; you’ll find another several cultures, including Vietnamese cuisine.  




Are you a window shopper, or are you planning to buy something when you travel from Vancouver to New York, SoHo is ideal? There are lots of boutique shops along the area plus retailers that will make. If you aren’t satisfied with the retailers’ boutiques, you can proceed to shop chic art galleries.  


West Life 


Are you the kind who likes watching celebrities perform live or listen to exclusive entertainment? Well, West Life is a good neighborhood in New York as the nightlife here is fantastic; even though it’s a high-profile neighborhood, it’s still an ideal place to spend your vacation.  




You can do so many things and see when you visit New York whenever it’s essential to remember your passport to avoid problems with the local authorities. However, now that you have traveled from Vancouver to New York City or planning to do so, you can always plan to enable safe travel or rid our travel tips for getting suggestions and helping on the best places and things to see in New York.   

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