Italy, The Land of Dreams

Italy, the country so rich in its culture and history with lots of historical places to visit and to learn about. The architecture of Italy is mark as a major attraction for most of its tourists and visitors, one cannot find Italian types of buildings elsewhere in this whole world. The most famous among all cities of Italy are, Rome, Sicily, Florence, and many more.


The Dignities of Rome

Rome, being the capital of Italy, has a lot to mention itself: its warm climate, astonishing buildings and architecture, delicious food, and thousand years old history and much more to discover.

In short, here in Rome, so many things grab your attention, as this city is all packed up with so many adventures in it:

  • The Colosseum, largest amphitheater in theĀ Roman Empire, the most impressive buildings ever constructed

  • The Roman Forum, once the heart of ancient Rome is just a series of stone ruins today

  • The beauty of Pantheon, the Catacomb, St. Peterā€™s Basilica and the Museums of Vatican City

  • The fun tradition of throwing coins into Trevi Fountain to find the true love of life, and much more in this city


The World Class Art of Florence
Marvelous landscapes, incredible artwork and architecture with its unbelievable charm, effortlessly altogether, give life to a magical, romantic and absolutelyĀ one of a kind city,Ā Florence.

Florence, most famous for its:

  • Boutique shopping as Italy’s fashion industry was born and raised here
  • Florence, known for its culinary tradition. Fish bistros, raw cuisine, cocktails and the dazzling creativity of Tuscan chefs in Florence is something timeless and memorable, and much more





Sicily, Islands and Seas

Sicily, the largest among theĀ Italian islands, seems that nature have gifted all wonders to this land. Incredible colors of sceneries, crystal-clear water of seas and the gorgeousness of its sea beds, Sicily is superior in all ways to other seas.Ā 

Sicily enchants its visitors by:

  • Etna, one of the greatest active volcano in Europe
  • TheĀ Nebrodi and theĀ Madonie parks, the volcanic paradise ofĀ Pantelleria with enchanting oases
  • The archeological area ofĀ Agrigento, among most significant towns of Magna Graecia
  • The Valley of the TemplesĀ covered with almond trees, green olive groves, vineyards and citrus orchards that stretch out to sea along with elegant monuments and much more.


These were the only three most famous cities of Italy that are pen down in this blog. As these cities are usually more fascinating and enchanting for tourists, but Italy has much more than these cities.


How to Travel in Italy?

While traveling to Italy, enjoying the delicious food or its diverse history or exploring the most of its stunning surroundings, there are so many things to experience in the country. However, Italy is definitely not the cheapest country to discover, but getting around Italy is somehow much easier than any other European country, because of its wide-ranging and artisticĀ trains and buses networks.

One can easily roam in the streets of Italy and among different beautiful places through trains and buses. Its domestic air links are also a good way to travel between main cities and towns of Italy.

Where to Stay in Italy?

The traditional choice of people while visiting any new place is usually a hotel. But the enchanting Italy offers thousands of choices to stay within all the ranges of oneā€™s budget.

Choosing from mountain huts, lakeside camps, family hotels, villas or farmhouses framed by vines, are all places where one can easily stay in this heaven, accordingly. Although the price goes high too, as festivals and local events force the prices up. So, you can book to tailor your next Italian vacations by, to live an incredible travel experience that will simply leave lifetime memories. Their tours and packages are intended to offer a truly life-changing experience by showing you this wonderful country Italy, all at your own pace, like never before.



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