Teaching a second language to students can be one of the most rewarding career options out there. To see students’ eyes light up as they recall words in their second language and smile as they accurately pronounce a difficult word is so joyous to encounter.

Even more enjoyable, however, is teaching a second language to students in another country. This way, not only can you assist students learning another language, but you also have the opportunity to be immersed into a different culture and explore a region of the world you’ve never visited before.

Below are some of the best, safest, and most beautiful countries for you to teach English abroad in.

  • Germany

While living expenses can be high in Germany, the pay for teaching English as a second language in this country is fantastic. Not to mention, it’s one of the safest countries in Europe and has many great, nearby, neighboring countries.

  • Indonesia

Wanting to teach English in a country that has a low cost of living? Indonesia might be the country for you! With over 1,700 islands to visit, you bet that you have plenty of travel opportunities.

  • Japan

With a high teaching salary and an increasing demand for English teachers, Japan is the perfect place for English-speaking language teachers to visit.

  • Costa Rica

Affordable living, beautiful scenery, and thrilling adventures, Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for you to not only visit but also teach English in.

  • Taiwan

The culture is rich, and the pay for teaching English as a second language in Taiwan is favorable. And with income for English teachers rising, now is the right time to teach abroad in this country.

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination, so imagine getting the opportunity to teach English in this incredibly diverse and affordable country. For many expats, teaching here is a dream come true!

  • China

With a massive population, you bet that English teachers are always needed in a country like China. To top it off, China treats expats teaching English great with favorable pay and, often, free housing.

  • Turkey

English-teaching jobs are almost always available in Turkey. Not to mention, the qualifications for teaching English in this country are relatively low, making it easy to land a job.

  • South Korea

A safe country that has plenty of public transportation, rich history, and plenty of accommodations and an ideal salary for English teachers? What more could you want and need?

  • Colombia

From incredible views to some of the best-tasting coffee around the world, Colombia can be a great country for expats to teach English in.

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Teaching English abroad can be an incredible career option. And with many great countries for expats to visit, to teach students, there are endless traveling opportunities for anyone wanting this type of job.

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