Short And Long Pixie Cut Styles We All Want to Copy.

Short and long pixie cut hairstyles are beautiful especially when sported correctly. These haircuts can transform your looks entirely and leave you feeling confident. It is no doubt that pixie haircuts are trending right now and every lady wants to try out one or two styles.

There are a variety of beautiful pixie hairstyles for you to choose from. So, whether you have long hair or short hair, you are sure to get the right hairstyle. And for women with thinner hair, these hairstyles make your hair look fuller and enhances an element of dimension and height to the entire hair. Browse below to read on some of the trendiest short and long pixie cuts trending in 2019. So, whether you have long hair or short hair, you are sure to get the right hairstyle with the help of professional hairdressing shears from Scissor Tech.


  • Blonde Pixie Style and Extended Bangs.


If you want a total transformation, go for this style. Coloring your manes blonde and getting a short or long pixie cut and including some side bangs, looks enjoyable. One side is left pretty shorter compared to the other side, and that works pretty well.

Getting this new style is a good feeling alone, but when you opt for a radical transformation and get the entire hair dyed, the feeling is even more intense. Choose the best makeover and get a pixie cut and the best summer color. You are ready to roll!


  • Long Pixie Style with an Undercut.


If you choose the best cut, you will greatly emphasize your face. If you decide to go for this long pixie cut, your face will still be shown off excellently. Besides, you will get long manes to play with.

Many women who opt for a chop to their pixie cut, choose a long pixie cut haircut before getting the traditional short pixie. The reason is that they are not certain whether the style will be ideal for them if they like it. Many are the times many go back and get a short pixie.


  • Asymmetrical Pixie Style.


Asymmetrical pixies are ever on-trend. They are timeless haircuts and looks great with any outfit. It is more girly and appears classy and chic. It has been worn by most red-carpet regulars such as Frankie and Victoria Beckham where they sport it as both brunette and blonde.


  • Curly Blonde Pixie Hairstyle.


Who said pixie haircuts should always be straight? They don’t have to be. Most people think that pixie style should be either long or short. However, if you show them this curly pixie, they will be excited. Incorporating curls into the long pixie cut appears impressive and glamorous. They are ridiculously sexy and cute. The curls boost texture and make your manes look thicker and fuller.


  • Purple Pixie Cut.


If you have been trying different shades in vain, then this is the right time you should try a purple colour. Purple is a powerful, bold and appealing hue which exudes much confidence and fun. When you complement it with your long pixie cut, you take your style to a new level.

However, if your hair is dark, you should opt for a light purple. You may also need to bleach your hair. This helps lift the shade beforehand in order to get the perfect results.


  • Blonde Pixie Style For Women With Round Face


This is an ideal haircut for ladies with round face shape. Long pixie cuts do appear great on most types of hair and face shapes, but particular hairstyles can rock your face even more. This blonde pixie haircut will frame and enhance your face very well, and you will appear beautiful.

Incorporating side bangs gives your face a narrower impression. Just look all celebs with round-shaped faces, they look beautiful with a pixie cut. Take for instance Knightley and Agyness Deyn; they look gorgeous with a pixie cut.


  • Antique Pixie Cut.


This is an exciting vintage haircut that will reveal your personality and style. It looks beautiful when styled on darker hair. 


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