If you are one of the jet sets and are planning to go on your next exotic vacation then this post is definitely for you.  Here we have gathered some of the best, ultra-luxurious vacation spots which are bound to give you once in a lifetime unforgettable experience.   

These vacation destinations include all from one day trip to the end of the world i.e. Antarctica to a wildlife safari in Africa. You can go on these vacations from $1,100 to $195,000 per night. You are bound to have a jaw dropping experience on these vacations. Here’s a brief intro to some of the most amazing vacation destinations on this planet.

Pikaia Lodge, Ecuador:

This lodge is the perfect place for environmentally conscious, adventuresome travelers who are physically active and all into exploring this part of Darwin’s favorite archipelago: the Galapagos. This lodge allows an easy access to all parts of the islands.

The lodge’s dining restaurant is at the edge of the crater where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view while eating. This is the place where you can encounter a giant tortoise while strolling. A week’s stay at this lodge’s pool suite can start from $10,205 per person per night.

Bisate Lodges, Rwanda:

These lodges will give you a true wilderness safaris experience, that too in extreme comfort. These lodges are new and are located in the secluded area of an eroded volcanic cone, right next to Rwanda’s Volcano National Park. There are only 6 luxurious villas built in this resort which are a true depiction of the traditional lifestyle of Rwanda’s monarchs. There is a central fireplace and deck from where you can enjoy the view of the volcanoes. Here are lots of unique things that you can do with your family especially if you have kids, you should definitely go for Golden monkey trekking or the famous Gorilla trekking in the National Volcano park which is home to one of the most primitive gorillas in Africa and if you are worried about the safety of your kids we recommend you to install any type of spy apps on their cellphones before leaving for any vacations. With these apps you can be free to not only monitor your kid’s activities but also track their location through the built-in GPS feature. You can enjoy this all once in a lifetime experience starting at just $1,100 per person per night.

White Deserts trip to the end of the world Antarctica:

This trip is exclusively for those jet sets who want to enjoy a fascinating holiday but don’t have time in their hands. White Desert offers a one day trip to Antarctica. It starts from Cape Town where the guest board a Gulfstream Private Jet and set off the end of the world the ‘icy continent of Antarctica’.  After arriving at the destination the guests get almost eight hours to explore the wilderness of this icy peninsula. The trip is ended with a gourmet champagne dinner. This entire trip takes less than 24 hours and starts from a mere price of $195,000. This trip is a perfect opportunity for travelers who want to experience thrill but don’t want to compromise on luxury.

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