Vegas: The ultimate escape from reality.  Where days and nights have no end, over-indulgence is a certainty, and the options for entertainment are endless.

With summer upon us, Las Vegas is the destination of choice for those searching for the ultimate weekend escape looking to drink, eat, and play. Planning a trip can be daunting. How does one chose amongst dozens of dining options, decide which is the best club on what night, and find the right bar for a truly unique “Vegas” experience?

Enter one of our favorite dining and nightlife groups with the solution – sbe.

SBE (sbe*) has become known as one of the largest nightlife groups in the world with venues, restaurants, and hotels in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Their name has become associated with providing a safe haven for their celebrity clientele, a well branded experience for the public, and quality award winning chefs for their diners worldwide. Their more recent Vegas locations are no exception. Instead of trying to put together your own itinerary, put your Vegas experience in the hands of one of their many qualified VIP Hosts, as we did. Anup Patel provided us with sbe’s hospitality this weekend.


SBE (sbe*) VIP Hosts set up dinner, drinks, and a different venue each night for their clients assuring that you and your guests will be at the right place at the right time. They are able to cater to your budget and entertainment desires and without making their clients lift a finger. Basically, they are the Vegas equivalent of your personal genie!

On our most recent trip to Vegas, a 10-minute call, two days before our arrival to our VIP Host, Anup led us to a stress free weekend that included the following:

Friday Evening: Dinner at Cleo

Cleo is described by SBE as a Mediterranean-inspired reinvention of Tinseltown glamour where new yet familiar flavors are enhanced by Old Hollywood charm. Our favorite way to eat: tapas! Cleo concentrates on shared plates full of flavor and variety. We were celebrating several birthdays and at each location, the staff was pre-alerted and ready with birthday surprises such as this decadent dessert sampler.

Friday Night: LIFE at the SLS

Our guests were ushered seamlessly past the massive crowd, awaiting entry per our reservations with our VIP Host into the sold out venue, to witness the infamous DJ Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia, play a set to a full crowd. Each booth at LIFE is spacious and just private enough to allow you to enjoy your time with your guests while still being right in the center of the action of the larger party going on around you. You can dance your way into the night with a perfect view of whomever the celebrity DJ is acting as maestro for the party that night.

Saturday Evening: Dinner at Katsuya

Upon our request to stick with lighter fare for the weekend, we found ourselves at this sbe staple.  Katusya features Master Sushi Chef Uechi’s take on Japanese classics. Katsuya is now a growing chain with a presence in L.A., South Beach, Kuwait, and Dubai. Each location upholds a reputation of quality in their execution of atmosphere and cuisine. From the loud greeting of “Irashaimase” as you enter, to the the original decadently fresh sushi creations at dinner, and the bows with well wishes of “Arigato Gozaimas” as you exit, the experience is always a crowd pleaser for any guest.

Saturday Night: Hyde at the Bellagio

For me personally, Hyde has to be my favorite of all the Vegas venues because it offers a more intimate setting and an upscale crowd. Nestled in the Bellagio facing the infamous Bellagio Fountains, Hyde’s open windows make you feel as if you are partying in a hidden luxurious cavern despite the fact that you are right in the middle of one of the most opulent water fountain displays in the world. The combination is simply magical.

We happened to make our trip to Vegas on Hyde Vegas’ 3 year anniversary hosted by none other than teen/young adult heartthrob Nick Jonas. Once again, we were directed past the hordes of crowds waiting eagerly to enter the venue thanks to our VIP Host.  We were quickly shown to our own intimate space at the top of the club.

Hyde’s venue is a bit more intimate and I love this specific “table” because you get a birds-eye view of the dance floor, but it is still private and at the center of Hyde’s party. Perched at our table, we ordered a bottle of our choice of spirits and proceeded to dance the night away to DJ Loczi  while the youngest Jonas brother mingled with guests and hung out steps from the dance floor by the DJ booth awaiting his turn to spin.

Our VIP Host took the time in the night to come to our table and spend time getting to know everyone. At one point, he returned to us followed by hordes of glitzy waitresses holding sparklers and cupcakes for a special unexpected birthday surprise for our guests.

As the night came towards an end, streamers blasted into the air filling the venue with the heightened feeling of magic and possibility that can only be created by a night in a town like Vegas.  Our weekend was filled with memories rather than the madness of coordinating our group and figuring out what to do thanks to the VIP services of sbe. With Summer upon us, I hope we will be headed back to enjoy another weekend with them soon!

SBE (sbe) nightlife and restaurant group has been operating in Vegas for quite a few years and is the force behind over 13 venues including the popular Vegas staples: Hyde Nightclub, Umami Burger, and Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres. In addition, this past year, they opened their own Casino branded as an addition to their popular SLS hotel chain. The casino is now home to sbe chain favorites: Katsuya, Sayers Club, their newest club concept LiFE.

You can contact our personal sbe VIP Concierge Anup Patel- VIP Services Manager at: [email protected]

Mention DLX for special pricing and referrals.

Or contact sbe for a VIP Host or more information at [email protected]


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