With its scintillating landscape, breathtaking locales, sandy beaches and dense rainforests, the Caribbean is easily one of the best vacation spots. Here’s a compilation of the top 10 reasons why this luxurious destination should be on your travel list.

10. Easily Accessible

Getting to the exotic island hub is no hassle at all since there are numerous direct flight packages offering hefty discounts and interesting perks. Book one to enjoy the delicious seafood at a beautiful beachfront condo.

9. Carnival

Known for its fiery and celebratory streak just like Punta Mita in Mexico, the Caribbean is all set for the Carnival festivities in February this year. With awesome dance parades, great food, fun-packed activities and thrilling beach parties, you sure don’t want to miss out on a great festival at some of the top islands like Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Cayman Islands. 


Image Courtesy of Andrea De Silva


8. Great Holiday Fun

A vacation at one of the beaches provides a cornucopia of exciting activities like fishing charters, Barbados golf vacations, cricket clubs, diving sprees and snorkeling adventures. The beautiful island is an ideal spot for playing tennis, aquatic sports, horse riding, and enjoying electrifying yacht cruises that add to a great holiday experience.

7 .The Culture

What makes this place vibrant and wow-worthy is its multi-cultural vibe and lifestyle that combines cultural elements from Chinese, African, Indian and British influences. One can easily spot these variations in the celebratory dance routines, Puerto Rican life, the rhythm of the Bajan tuk bands and Aruba’s laid-back aura.

6. The Diversity

The Caribbean is a diverse place with almost 7,000 islands offering a diverse range of amazing things that you can explore and marvel at. Hiking in the thick rainforests of Puerto Rico, yacht tours in the deep waters and decadent gourmet of Jamaica are not to be missed if you’re planning a trip this year.


Image Courtesy of Destination Luxury

5. Island Hopping Fun

You can hop over to Bermuda from Antigua by jet or a yacht. This offers a nice opportunity to explore each island and enjoy short trips.

4. The Exploration

You have a plethora of areas to explore while in the Caribbean, like Barbados, which is only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. Walk around to check out the amazing stuff such as Harrison’s Cave and Mount Hillab and other small islands nearby.

3. Great Weather

The Carribbean is known for its perfect weather with a soft beach breeze, warm sunshine and clear blue sky that provides a nice backdrop to your vacation.


Image courtesy of Claudio Trigueros on Unsplash

2. Caribbean Marinas

The marinas offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the waters in private luxury yachts that are equipped with all the amenities. Cruise around to check out exciting places like the Virgin Islands, Bahamas beach or Southern Aruba, and Curacao.

1. Great Spas

The Caribbean is your ideal spot for a relaxing spa vacation — it’s swamped with state of the art spa resorts like the one in St. Lucia offering in-house spa treatments that are both rejuvenating and revitalizing.

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