In a time when it seems that the society we live in lacks any goodness, remember that there are people out there who feel the same as you. The world is too large of a place to be without any love, compassion, and kindness. Are you a person who believes in karma, faith, or just simply doing nice things and good deeds for others for no particular reason at all? We’ve all heard the phrase, “do good to others and good will come to you.” ¬†We never know when we will be in need of someone else’s assistance. We are surrounded by so many kind hearts, we just don’t always see it. You may not catch them all, but numerous and random moments of kindness are all over the web. Take a look at these amazing moments caught on video.

Random acts of kindness caught on camera

Kindness. One of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another. If someone is in need, lend them a helping hand. Do not wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return.

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 15. Helping People While On the Road

Have you ever been driving in your car, riding, or just walking down the street as¬†you see someone holding a sign that reads, “Need money for food?” Or, despite the cliche, have you ever actually¬†come across an elderly woman who needs help crossing the street or who is carrying loads of grocery bags by herself. Of course many of us have the urge to help that person in need, but so many of us keep it moving without entertaining a second thought. This motorcyclist happened to come to a¬†stop at a crosswalk where a handicapped man struggled¬†to cross the street. Take a look at what how far his generosity stretches¬†. It just¬†may make you change your mind the next time you are at the stop light in traffic or taking that stroll down the street.

14. What Are Best Friends For

“You’ve always been here right beside me, so I call you my best friend. Through the good times and the bad ones…” Thank you Brandy for those defining lyrics of what being a best friend means. ¬†Some of the most memorable moments of your life will be shared with your best friend.¬†True friends should always be there for you when their support is needed, especially through the toughest times. Well, that’s exactly what this young girl did for her best friend who battled with cancer. See how she showed her friend that she wouldn’t go through this journey alone.

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13. It’s Not Much, But It Goes a Long Way

You never know where life may lead you to. So many people are down on their luck and are less fortunate than others. After all, we all go through tough times. Why not lend those in need a helping hand? You just may make someone’s day a bit more brighter. That’s exactly what Kyle, from Give Back Films, does. He brightens the day for random homeless citizens by giving them one hundred dollars. Even though one hundred may not seem like much to most of us, it was a pot of gold for the people Kyle was able to help this particular day. Take a look.

12. Share a Little Love On Christmas Day

Knowing there are families out there that are going through struggles to make ends meet is heartbreaking. What can be done to help all those in need? Especially during the holidays, the season of sharing and giving. Even though all the families can’t be helped all at once, there are acts of kindness that can be done just to put a smile on their faces. Give the gift of cheer. Again. Give Back Films are at it again, putting smiles on this family’s face during that holiday season. Check it out.

11. Let’s Not Forget Our Elders

We grow up learning to respect our elders. Let us not forget to help them whenever they are need. It’s always a great thing to see when younger people lend a hand to their elders, especially when they aren’t expecting anything in return. A young gentleman decided to extend his services to an older man who needed it, and being a Good Samaritan got him some positive recognition.

10.  Drive Thru Generosity

If someone is having the worst day and don’t see how things can get any worse, that one random act of kindness just may be that one thing to turn their frown into a smile and give them that ray of hope. Simple things like paying for strangers’ meals can do the trick. One stranger wanted to do just that, pay for customers’ meals just to because. See how far his kindness goes when he left someone with a bit of hope at the end of their tunnel.

9. Firefighters Show Support

First of all, can we take a second to thank our courageous firemen because they come when we need them, assisting us and take on those outrageous emergency calls. Really, they are similar to being superheros. Don’t you think? In this video, they remind ¬†us all how far they’d go to assist the citizens they are here to serve. They take on many challenges, and in this video is touching in more than one way.

8. Daddy’s Little Girl

Father and daughter relationships are amazing bonds that should be unbreakable. After all, a girl’s father is her first love they say. Dad’s are supposed to be examples of who their little girls are should look for when they are seeking their husbands. That’s why the moments that fathers and daughters create will always be remembered and cherished. Take a look as this father takes his daughter on a date that he won’t be forgetting, and neither will she. This dad is setting the bar at an early age fellas.

7. ¬†A Father’s Serenade

Dads, giving away your daughter on her wedding day doesn’t have to be a sad event. They say you’re not losing a daughter, but gaining a son. So have no fear. Instead, make the night much more unforgettable. If people aren’t in tears yet, have them grabbing Kleenex and napkins once you’re finished giving your girl away. That’s what this amazing dad did for his all grown up princess.

6.  Basketball Is His Favorite Sport

Playing a sport gives a love for the like no other. There’s a thrill, a rush. During the game, everyone should be a part in some way or another. Whether they are just a fan or a mascot. This coach did just that. With the help of an opponent and his coach, a young man was able to live a dream and become the highlight of the night.

5.  Father and Son See It Through To the End

Continuing on with inspirational sport highlights, here’s yet another touching moment. Sometimes, we all fall short of our goals. It’s not always going to be easy. The question is, how willing are you to persevere through those rough patches. Believe it, when you’re down, there is at least one person who will be there to help lift you up. This sprinter was stopped in his tracks and was unable to finish his race, and instead of giving up, he decided to push through. He wasn’t alone. See just how his father came to his side to see him through the finish line.

4. A Season Of Giving

Special skills are called talent for a reason. Who said giving is all about having money? You can also put smiles on people faces by doing simple things like drawing something nice, writing something, or if you choose to spend money, buy them a meal you can afford. The gentleman who was in the spirit of giving during the Christmas season decided to not only buy a homeless man a meal, but he also graced him with awesome magic trick and a wonderful surprise on the side.

3. Rewarded For Kindness

It is nice to take the time to get to know someone’s story. There is someone out there who needs a friend and a support group that helps them through the day. It always great to think about others before thinking of yourself. You never know how the kind gesture can make their day. A teacher decided to try her luck at a challenge that not only made someone’s day but brought this young man to tears.

2. Surprise Of His Life

Parents are always going to love their children, no matter what. Their the supporters, friends, therapist, and they teach you great lessons. Wanting to make them smiles seems only right when it comes to showing how grateful you are for them. How far would you go to show your parents how much you love them? In this video, a son shows how far he’d go to give his father the surprise of his life.

1. Mortgage No More

Be honest, how many of you tear up when you see others showing their gratitude towards their parents? When you listen to songs like Boyz II Men, “A Song For Mama,” it’s such a tearjerker. Really, expressing love and appreciation for parents has a way of pulling that emotional sleeve like no other. So is this gift to the parents in this video. Check out how their son brought them to tears.

What are some of the acts of kindness that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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