Sushi Roku flawlessly fuses a uniquely vibrant, stylish setting with remarkably fresh, innovative cuisine. At each of their unforgettable locations, they offer an impressive trifecta of energetic atmosphere, exceptional fare and personalized service. Since the first Sushi Roku opened in 1997, their partners’ mission has been to enchant guests with an unparalleled experience masterfully curated to awaken the senses.

The birthplace of Innovative Dining Group’s legacy, Sushi Roku reimagined sushi and transformed it into a contemporary art form. Rooted in Japanese tradition, their menu pioneers California influences with internationally inspired accents, like shaved black truffle and edible florals. Their master sushi chefs artfully design each dish to awe in flavor and presentation. While premium nigiri and sashimi abound, their menu also features a tantalizing array of inventive hot dishes made from top-quality, seasonal ingredients. Hand-selected to complement this cuisine is a large collection of sake, Japanese beer and whiskey, wine and custom-crafted cocktails.

True to their mission, Sushi Roku exudes an attitude that is distinctly captivating, inspired and vivacious. This exclusive dining experience is available at five renowned destinations: Old Town Pasadena, the Santa Monica coast, Las Vegas Strip, Newport Beach’s Fashion Island and the 4-Diamond W Scottsdale.

The Destination Luxury team had an exquisite tasting experience:

We began the evening with Tuna Carpaccio with Tamara soy, kizami wasabi, oscietra caviar and with sesame garlic chips. The dish is scrumptious with a salty fresh out of the sea taste, giving it the overall texture. The toro is moist and dissolves in your mouth.

The next item was the A-5 Japanese Wagyu Ishi-yaki. The beef melts immediately upon touching your tongue, activating your salivary glands with its tender flavoring. Depending on how you like your beef cooked, the dish is served on hot rocks and you control the temperature based on how you like your meat cooked.

Along with the other dishes, we also had the Sea bream with black salt on the rim with thinly sliced radishes. It’s tangy white fish flavoring falls off the pallet. The fish is delicious with a crispy black salt lingering for the next bite. It’s just the perfect amount of flavoring leaving you craving more.

With the appetizers, we tried the Ginger Snap, wild turkey honey whiskey, ginger, Peychaud’s Bitters, lemon, and mint. The concoction has a succulent taste with every sip.

We also had the Violet Geisha, grey goose, lemon, blackberries, St. Germain, nigori float which has been created in-house by one of their bartenders. The elixir was sweet, but not too sweet. The berries give it a flavorful profile.

We followed up our appetizer with Yellowtail diced chili-roll with olive oil, ponzu, and popcorn shrimp. There’s crunchy pop the moment you bite into the sushi. It’s flavorful with just the right amount of peppers and sauces mixed into all the soft and moist bites.

We followed this dish with four variations of sushi ranging from the salmon, tuna toro, scallop, and yellowtail. Each dish was succulent and delicious with every bite. The salmon aftertaste left us thinking of bacon. It was that good. The toro was a home run. It was the most memorable from the bunch with the melted and slathered topping and amazing aftertaste.

The Baked Lobster roll with miso Hollandaise sauce was creamy with a bit of compact crunchiness with a warmth filling. It has a tangy profile with a mild kick.

delicious sushi

To fill our stomachs, we had the Uni udon – Japanese-style sea urchin pasta. This dish did us under with the Uni finish. It capsized our evening with a rich and filling sitting. There was an impeccable taste to the uni.

With the heavy uni, we enjoyed the Chilean sea bass with truffle miso and spinach. There’s a strong and savory texture with the sea bass, commanding your undivided attention with each savory bite.

We concluded the evening with the Green tea tiramisu. It’s rich in texture, with just the right blend between coffee and green tea. It’s tasted similar to a green tea macha with a decadent finish. The outer layer was frothy and light with a rich inner-taste.


All photos are courtesy of Innovative Dining Group

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