Margherita Missoni Amos, granddaughter to the founders of the high-end Italian fashion house, Missoni, has followed in her family’s footsteps by working with the brand as a part of the design team among other positions throughout the years. Now she has partnered with the estate sale company, Everything But The House (EBTH), to share her charming and never-ending daisy collection. EBTH’s goal is “to be the world’s largest and most trusted marketplace for estate sales” and has featured Margherita Missoni and her never-before-seen daisy collection as the Kickoff Collector on their Collectors’ Chronicles. Our team had the pleasure of getting to know Missoni a bit more and learned how her daisy-themed items blossomed into the mass collection it is today.


Destination Luxury: What is your fashion inspiration?
Margherita Missoni: I’m greatly inspired by my experiences, especially my travels and my encounters with other cultures through traveling. And of course, my heritage and the privilege of growing up amongst creative, unconventional people and fashion luminaries. I think that has undoubtedly shaped my personal style in a unique way. I love to play with different combinations of textures and colors to create a unique look. Mixing and matching prints, colors, and materials, in unexpected ways, is the foundation of my personal style.

margherita missoni

DLX: What does style mean to you?
Missoni: Self-expression.

DLX: What are some of your favorite destinations? Favorite hotels?
Missoni: I love staying at The Gritti Palace in Venice and the Santa Marina Resort in Mykonos.

DLX: What are 3 things that you travel with?
Missoni: A great bathing suit, a pashmina, and comfortable footwear.

margherita missoni

Margherita adorned in her daisy jewelry

DLX: What is one thing you are never without?
Missoni: My iPad. And eye drops – I never leave home without them.

DLX: What are your favorite pieces in the collection?
Missoni: My favorite piece is probably this diamond pinky ring that my grandma got me from a jeweler, called Primavera, in New York City. I must have been 15 or 16 when she gave it to me. She had told me that the purchase was completely a “folly” — this memory is the reason I especially love it. But there are so many other pieces that have fond memories attached to them. It’s hard to choose.

margherita missoni

DLX: What is the story behind daisies? What do they mean to you?
Missoni: Daisies are my namesake flower (Margherita literally translates to “daisy”), so I’ve been receiving daisy-themed items for as long as I can remember — way before I chose to start collecting them. I’ve managed to amass quite a thorough collection!

DLX: What advice would you give to those wanting to start or share their own collections?
Missoni: I would say, choose a theme that holds a real, true meaning to you, one that you are wholeheartedly passionate about. That way the collection will grow organically.

margherita missoni

Margherita’s daisy tea set

DLX: Why did you choose now to share your collection?
Missoni: Everything But The House reached out and wanted to photograph the collection. And I thought, why not? I’m in the process of moving, so it was relatively easy to gather all the daisy-themed items and set them aside for the shoot. When I started to separate all the items, I think I realized how avid a daisy collector I truly am. Collecting is in my family’s blood. My grandmother and my mother are always collecting – we love searching, discovering, finding, exploring…

DLX: What is your favorite way to wear a daisy?
Missoni: On my ears!



All images courtesy of Everything But The House.

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