Going on a luxury getaway is a great way to treat yourself and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. Luxury vacations don’t usually come cheap, but there are many ways to save more each month and help you afford those extravagant upgrades when you go away.

With this in mind, here are four tips to save for your next luxury getaway.

1. Ditch your morning Starbucks

Grabbing a fresh morning coffee on the way to work becomes routine for many people. A single coffee here and there may not seem to cost a lot, but it certainly adds up. According to a recent study by cliffandpebble.com, buying a large coffee from Starbucks every day will set you back around $1,577 annually. Just think of all the ways this money could enhance your next vacation. You could put it towards staying in a more luxurious hotel, opt for an all-inclusive package, or even upgrade your flights to business or first-class. You could save significant amounts of money each month by making coffee at home instead of buying expensive hot drinks out.

2. Set up a vacation savings account

One highly effective way to save for your next vacation is by setting up a dedicated vacation savings account. Calculate how much money you can save and set up an automatic transfer into your savings account at the beginning of each month. Try to choose an online savings account, so you’re less tempted to withdraw money if your cash gets low at the end of the month.

If you choose a high-yield account, then you may even be able to make a little extra money to put towards your dream vacation.

3. Look for deals online

You can find a huge variety of great deals by shopping online. Avoid just going into any store to purchase routine items like skincare products and cosmetics. Instead, shop around online to compare prices and see whether you can save money. For instance, you can buy discount fragrance at Maple Prime, take advantage of 3 for 2 deals on high-end cosmetics, and find amazing online discount vouchers for hundreds of brands.

What’s more, many online stores offer fantastic sign-up promotions with free deliveries and returns, so it’s always worth seeing whether you can save money by shopping online.

4. Earn a side income

There are endless ways to earn a bit of extra cash and supplement your income. If you have a few nights free each week, then consider picking up some casual bar work. You can put your earnings and tips straight into a separate savings account to put towards your luxury vacation. There are also plenty of ways to make money online with freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. These sites advertise a massive range of jobs – from content writers and bloggers to graphic designers and web developers. With such a diverse variety of online work available, you are sure to find a way to earn extra income online. The best part is that freelance work is typically extremely flexible, so you can easily fit online jobs around your schedule and other work commitments.


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