If you love a good golfing trip with your friends or even if you simply want to fit in a game or two on vacation with your family, it is always a good idea to be aware of the latest and greatest golf destinations around the globe.

From the myriad of benefits of the Mediterranean to the luxurious experience of Dubai, keep reading to find out the best destinations for the unrivalled and highly sought after, combination of golf and the sun.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have always been popular with golfing enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as having several high-quality golf resorts that offer exceptional golf courses, you can also enjoy the breath-taking local scenery and the stunning beaches for when you crave a bit of downtime.

What’s more, you can even get yourself a golf passport that allows you to use any of the courses on the island. Ideal if you want to explore the island a little bit more.

If that’s not your idea of golfing heaven, then what is?

Alternatively, if you are on a budget, Tenerife offers a great golfing experience for a fraction of the cost.


If you fancy combining a bit of culture with your golfing vacation, then look no further than the delights of Morocco. You can choose between two popular regions for your golfing break, either Agadir or Marrakech, both of which offer their own unique golfing and vacation experiences.

Marrakech has more resorts, plus it is steeped in culture and local history. However, Agadir is a great option if you are on a family vacation and want to be close to a relaxing beach.

Arguably the best golfing resort in Marrakech is the 4* Riu Tikida Garden Hotel which offers the must-see American themed Palm Golf Marrakech course. However, if you choose Agadir, head straight for the Golf Club Le Soleil; you won’t be disappointed.


For luxury lovers, Dubai, the most popular golfing region in the Middle East, should be your go-to destination.

Even without the vast number of first-class golfing resorts, which have different environmental themes on each of its courses, the pure decadence of this city is not to be underestimated. From its private beaches to its famous shopping malls with all the top designer brands, you can’t help but fall in love with this opulent golfing destination.


Not always a country that was synonymous with high quality golfing resorts, Turkey has seen massive development in this area over recent years, resulting in it now becoming one of the best places to go for a combination of great golf and high-quality accommodation.

There are several 5-star hotels that offer sensational golfing facilities and will leave you with a vacation of a lifetime. Be sure to check out all the hotels in Belek which sits on the eastern coast of the country.

Turkey is the ideal option for those wanting to play some great golf and enjoy an all-inclusive, cost-effective vacation in the sun. All you need to do is grab your putter, pack your pants and don’t forget your sunscreen!


Who says that you need to travel abroad to have a superior golfing vacation? Not when you have the fabulous Florida right in your home country.

From the amazing four golf courses at Disney World, perfect for keeping the family happy, to the delights of Tampa Palm Golf & Country Club, you are spoilt for choice in the sunshine state. Alternatively, if you would like a more understated experience, then look no further than Saddlebrook Resort & Spa which offers world-class golf as well as some pretty amazing tennis courts.


If you are seeking a more exotic trip off the beaten track, then Vietnam could be the golfing destination for you. Not only is this south-east Asian country home to the incredibly luxurious 18-hole golf course overlooking the stunning views of central Vietnam, but it is also rich in history, offers amazing street food and arguably has some of the friendliest locals in the whole world.

This farfetched destination should definitely be on your up and coming list of top worldwide golfing destinations with around 40 golf courses already developed and many more under construction. When you have the opportunity to play on world-class quality golf resorts for much less money than anywhere else across the globe, why would you want to miss out?

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