The spring and summer months are ideal for homeowners to undertake renovations and to give a home the care and attention it needs, something that can often be overlooked, all while adding style and value to your property. Larger home improvements, such as extensions and upgrades, will often return much more in value when you’re ready to sell in the years to come, as well as improving the aesthetic of your home for you to enjoy in the present. -Finding skilled tradesmen for these large home improvements may not be easy. However, a great online resource like *QuoteCheck* will surely help you find the best tradesmen for the job at the most affordable price.–…Here are several luxe investments to improve your home throughout the sunnier months.

Retile the kitchen and bathroom

Tiled areas such as backsplashes and bathroom walls can become discoloured through wear and tear like water damage. Over the years, it can be increasingly difficult to keep grouting looking new and white, indicating it may be time to retile specific areas of your home. Upgrading a plain or discoloured tile with a bright colour or modern pattern can turn a backsplash into a feature wall, while the addition of classic monochrome tiles in a shower room will add a fresh new look to a bathroom. Retiling may be time-consuming but can instantly brighten up some of the most used areas of the home. Besides that, you can consider engaging this established loft conversion company in Clapham to maximise space in your house to make it look brighter and more aesthetic as well.


Upgrade the flooring

Flooring is an integral part of a home aesthetic. Whether you are opting for carpet, vinyl or marble floors, the colour and texture chosen can change the entire feel of a room. To make your home more luxurious, choose durable, hardwood flooring, such as red oak, pine or white ash to add character to your home and a great ROI. Experts at Saws Hub recommend going to a specialty lumber yard to find the best quality hardwood for your floors.

Other options to consider are stone or tile flooring, both classic materials for upgrading the home interior.

Replace your windows

The windows are one of the first areas of your home that are visible, so it’s important to keep these fixtures well-kept. Windows are needed to control air flow in your home, but they also need to compliment your style and taste. If your windows are looking tired, upgrade to more modern fixtures such as sash windows from Quickslide that are energy efficient and durable. Using advanced materials matched with expert fabrication, helps achieve an evolutionary window design that will not disappoint on aesthetics, performance, or security.

Invest in landscaping

It’s important to consider the external appearance of the home when starting home renovations. Landscaping can be done professionally or DIY, with unlimited designs, plants, flowers and centre pieces to include in both the front and back gardens. Popular garden designs for modern homes range from a large social seating area equipped with a fire pit and marquee to a green forest-like garden made up of various trees and plants. 

Consider a conservatory

While any home extension is bound to add value, a conservatory is a fantastic addition to your property for homeowners who want a larger home improvement project to tackle. Not only will this add more space for your family to enjoy, but it will increase its market value as well as being a fun design project that can vastly upgrade your home. Conservatories can be built to fit your exact specifications and adapt to your existing property.


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