Collecting luxury watches can be an exciting hobby, but it requires knowledge, time and effort to achieve a varied collection that you can be proud to show off. 

Many amateur watch collectors make basic mistakes, which we’ve listed below, alongside the ways you can avoid these issues and create an impressive collection of some of the world’s most prestigious timepieces. 

Focusing On Earning Money

The biggest mistake any new watch collector can make is assuming that they will make a lot of money from their collection. While some watches can appreciate in value significantly over time, many watches struggle to even hold their value. As such, this is an expensive hobby that might not necessarily lead to strong returns on investment. You should start collecting watches out of your love of beauty and precision engineering and choose a reliable source of income so that you can enjoy your collection rather than focusing on profiting from it. 

Choosing Only One Brand 

Many experienced watch collectors are dedicated to only one watchmaker, but if you’re new to collecting timepieces, then you should learn about everything that’s on the market. Buy a few statement pieces from a range of brands, so that you can find a style or type that suits you. Once you’ve learned about curating a quality watch collection, you can start to focus on a specific brand. 

Only Buying New Watches 

New watches are a great way to boost your collection, but buying quality vintage watches will help you to create a true reflection of the history of timepiece engineering. When purchasing second-hand watches, it’s important that you choose a certified provider, like CHRONEXT. The company has a wide range of Omega watches for sale, including certified pre-owned pieces, so you can find the perfect timepiece to enhance your collection. 

Buying Trendy Watches That You Don’t Even Like

Many novice watch collectors buy a watch simply because everyone else loves it, and as such, they feel that they have to have it. However, if you don’t like a watch, you shouldn’t buy it. Even if it is beloved by everyone else, it’s your opinion that matters the most. Make sure that you try on every watch or check out a lot of photos before you commit to adding it to your collection so that you know it will bring you many years of happiness and enjoyment. 

Forgetting To Insure Your Collection 

Watches can be an expensive investment, so make sure that you protect them by taking out a comprehensive insurance policy. If you only have a small collection, then you might be able to add this to your home insurance. However, for larger watch collections, you’ll need a specialist watch insurance policy so that you can rest assured that your precious timepieces will be safe no matter what happens. 

Not Taking Proper Care Of Your Luxury Watches

Luxury timepieces are a feat of engineering and should be treated as such. This means that they need to be stored and maintained correctly. Learn how to keep your watches clean and well-maintained, so that they don’t get damaged and become unwearable. It might seem like a lot of effort to maintain your entire collection, but the effort will allow you to make the most out of every watch you own. 


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