While so many are heading south for the cold winter months, many others will be remaining in Quebec this year. Unfortunately, this leaves them little to look forward to unless they decide to do a bit of exploring within Canada. Why not spend a glorious week in Toronto, Canada’s most diverse city? Not only is Toronto the capital of Ontario where there is much to see and do, but this is also a city where you can take a week out to pamper yourself in the lap of luxury. Here is some of what you can look forward to.

Elegant Hotels Too Numerous to List

As you would expect in most large cities, especially capital cities that see more than their fair share of politicians and diplomats flying in and out, Toronto has Downsizer Precondos and it’s a host of 4 and 5-star hotels to choose between. However, those at the top of the list should be booked well in advance because many like The Old Mill stay booked year round.

You’ve researched flights from Montreal to Toronto that offer services long since forgotten in the airline industry. You’ve decided to Fly Porter because of the way in which your comforts are seen to and you expect nothing less when choosing a hotel. While Trip Advisor recommends Trump Towers, other hotels with a high rating for luxury accommodations would include:

  • The Ritz-Carlton
  • The Four Seasons Hotel (Toronto at Yorkville)
  • The Hazelton Hotel
  • Windsor Arms Hotel

And, that is just a sampling of the elegant hotels you will find scattered about the city. Many are located close to the airport, but you will find a number of luxurious accommodation options in the downtown area as well. Toronto spares no expense when it comes to luxury hotels.

One highly recommended downtown hotel is Le Germain Hotel at Maple Leaf Square featuring 167 luxury rooms, and it’s location close to the entertainment, sporting events, and business districts makes it ideally situated for anyone looking to get as much in as possible in their week-long holiday. Also, it is good to note that even autumn days can be a bit chillier than one would wish, so being close to the main attractions always makes it convenient. When you don’t have to travel far, you’ve little chance of getting unbearably cold!

Fine Dining in Toronto

As you would expect in any city the size of Toronto, there will also be a wide array of elegant full-service restaurants to choose from. One thing you may want to do before booking a hotel suite would be to check out the dining facilities where you will be staying. That is always a good idea, especially when you never know what the weather will bring. Yes, you are here to spend a week in a luxurious hotel, some of which we mentioned above.

Remember, some Toronto hotels are world famous for their food and wine menus, so check these out.  However, there are literally dozens of restaurants where you will be served food to satisfy any palate. One restaurant that makes the top ten list on almost every travel site would be the Canoe Restaurant, but don’t let the name fool you! You will not be sitting beside a body of water but rather you will be situated high up, 54 floors to be exact, in the TD Centre. Why not get a first class view of this amazing city while you delight on some of the finest Canadian dishes with a menu sampling diverse dishes from literally every province.

Other elegant restaurants to experience would include:

  • Opus Restaurant (with an underground wine cellar hosting over 52,000 wines!)
  • George Restaurant for elegant dining indoors or in the courtyard
  • Alo for a taste of home. Listed as one of Canada’s best restaurants featuring French cuisine.
  • Jacob’s & Co. Steakhouse where, you got it, some of Toronto’s most mouth-watering steaks are served.
  • Chabrol is another fine example of French cuisine but this restaurant stands out because the walls are entirely made of glass! The main highlight is that the dining room’s ambiance is highly influenced by the weather.
  • Evoo Ristorante offers, of course, an Italian menu not found often this side of the Atlantic. Although the menu is listed as ‘world class,’ the key selling point is that you can sample some of Toronto’s best Italian cuisine at prices that won’t break the bank.
  • Momofuku Shoto is an example of fine dining with a flavour of all that is Asian. Imagine a menu where your dinner will be a full 13 courses! Do arrive at Momofuku Shoto hungry to get the full benefit of this amazing restaurant located on University Ave.

Again, that is just a sampling of what Toronto has to offer if you are looking to get the most out of your luxury week and you couldn’t ask for better cuisine, even if you were to tour the continent!

Places to Go on a Luxury Retreat

While Toronto has numerous museums, opera houses, and expos, you are here for a luxury holiday away from home. You’ve flown all the way from Montreal and even researched full-service flights from Montreal to Toronto so obviously, you want to bask in the lap of luxury. Why not visit one of Toronto’s most famous attractions, the Miraj Hammam Spa by Claudalie located in the Shangri-la Hotel? As a matter of fact, that’s one hotel not mentioned above. Imagine staying in an elegant suite, being pampered with a signature spa treatment, and then dining out right next door in the Momofuku Shoto Asian restaurant.

When it comes to the opera, Toronto is home to the largest opera production company in all of Canada, appropriately named, Canadian Opera Company. Visit their homepage to view the season’s calendar of events or to purchase tickets once you’ve solidified a date on your flights from Montreal to Toronto. Understandably, some shows book up quite quickly, so you will want to get your reservations in early. Don’t forget that this is one opera house where a huge number of people purchase season tickets and you will want to get in the queue for good seats if you really want to enjoy the show.

Shopping, Clubbing, and Everything in Between

There is literally no end to the elegant malls in Toronto and as for finding the right bar or club for after hours entertainment, it would be best to consult with your concierge at the luxurious hotel you’ve chosen to stay at. Your hosts will be able to tell you what’s in town and this will give you an opportunity to ask questions about any club or mall you’d like to visit.

Sometimes it’s better to ask the locals than to browse website after website. That can be a tedious task and one that will quickly overwhelm you when you only plan on being in town for one luxurious week. Even so, never fear that there will be insufficient things to do and sights to see because Toronto is a vibrant city with a rich history of culture intermingled with 21st-century technology. What more could you ask for when seeking a restful week of retreat by treating yourself to luxuries to soothe the soul? Enjoy Toronto in the autumn for a holiday you’ll never forget.




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