For a very long time, the one attraction that led adventure seekers to Komodo Island was the Komodo dragon. However, there is a lot more to the island than the gigantic lizards. You can still experience the resplendent Labuan Bajo and experience Flores in an exciting way. 

First off, you can travel the length and breadth of Flores from the east to the west. This will show you why the island is considered one of the most exciting in the Indonesian archipelago. 

Why You Should Go To Flores

Many tourists and adventure seekers are always on the lookout for new exciting destinations. As mentioned earlier, Flores is one of them. Three compelling reasons to visit the island include:

  • The amazing and diverse wildlife
  • The gorgeous landscape
  • The hospitable locals

The island is located quite close to Komodo Island. You could catch a glimpse of the giant lizards that give Komodo its name. A Komodo Island Cruise will get you close to the ferocious dragons. Amazingly, the peacefully lovely pink beaches are also to be found here. 

One thing that is peculiar to Flores is the fact that most of the island is Roman Catholic. Most Indonesians are Muslims while the nearby Bali is almost entirely Hindu. This religious diversity comes with different cultures and ways of doing things. 

What to See in Flores

In addition, the landscape of Flores Island is peppered with amazing sights such as the following:

  • The traditional villages located in Bajawa
  • The multi-colored volcanic lakes at Kelimutu
  • The spiderweb-like rice fields at Ruteng
  • The mountain region of the island

These amazing sites should keep the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ coming for as long as you are there. 

The best Time to Visit Flores

The best time for touring Flores is the May to September season as it is dry. Moreover, the weather is relatively predictable. This will give you ample time to enjoy the island, especially Komodo and the mountains. 

The temperatures in the cities are at sea level which is pretty warm. Your wardrobe should reflect lots of beach and summer wear. You do not need to pack your jeans and cashmere as you will rarely get to wear them unless you are headed for the mountains.

The temperatures up the mountains is a lot cooler going up to 20°C in the daytime and 16° C at night. 

Holidaying in Flores is rather cheap in comparison to other popular holiday destinations around the world. The accommodation is diverse and quite luxurious. You can opt to sleep in dorms and dine out occasionally to keep the costs down. 

If you are there for an extended holiday on a budget, this may be your best bet. Your primary focus is to catch the sights and sounds of the island. In addition, you can opt for the most convenient transportation and walking is one of them. 

However, if you are full out on experiencing the luxuries the island has to offer, there are lovely accommodations available. The cities such as Labuan Bajo have luxury resorts and hotels that offer international standard accommodations. 

What You Need


  • Internet Connection


You have access to Wi-Fi in just about every restaurant and hotel on the island. It is also quite fast and reliable. However, you may experience slow internet in islands such as Moni and Komodo. If you plan to stay there for a while, you may need to purchase a local sim to be connected. 


  • Travel Insurance


This is a necessity when going away on holiday. Search for reliable insurance that fits you’re your travel plans. You can easily conduct a search on the internet for a pocket-friendly insurance package and get covered in seconds. 


If you are on the lookout for an affordable adventure, then Flores Island is where you need to be headed. The serenity of the islands, the lovely weather and the good food will have you rested in no time. Also, you will be able to create some beautiful memories with family and friends.

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