With each year that passes, it seems more people are pursuing their dreams of working for themselves in the freelance world. Listed below are a few of the reasons for the increase.


Working for You


One of the reasons people are leaving their employer behind is the opportunity to work for yourself. As an independent contractor, you select the clients and the type of work you are willing to do. You also don’t have other employees to contend with. There is no salary cap either, so you can earn a little or as much as you want to. 


Work Where You Want, When You Want 


Another perk to working on your own is the ability to perform the job from wherever you choose. If you want to see the world, this is definitely a career path worth pursuing. You can be in France for one week and travel the streets of the UK the next. You also have no time table, so if morning sunrises are your fancy, schedule your work for the afternoon. Vacations are made in minutes and a social gathering has you on the guest list. 


Eat Healthy Meals and Satisfying Snacks


Eating while on the job can prove challenging, especially when the only food sources are fatty fast foods and large hoagie sandwiches. When you work from home, your kitchen is a few steps away. This allows you to plan healthy meals for the entire day. If you have allergies to certain foods you can cater to your needs. You have lactose-free milk in the fridge and gluten-free brownie mix is in the cabinet. When you’re hungry you eat and the mad dash back to the office is a thing of the past. 


Quality Time With Your Family


Working moms and dads miss out on many things that happen in their children’s lives. They often have to pick and choose between events, leaving their child feeling sad. When you work from home you plan for all the concerts, plays, and trips in advance and move your workload around to accommodate these times, improving the family bond. If your child is sick you can tend to their needs. While you do have to work, you’re always nearby, which is comforting to your family. 


End the Commute 


In order to make more money, many people work in the city. Unfortunately, if they live in the suburb, it’s a long and stressful commute five days a week. When you work from home you no longer have to deal with traffic and lengthy travel. You’ll also put fewer miles and wear and tear on your vehicle, allowing you to keep it longer. 


Serve Clients Around the Globe


Unlike working for a single employer, as a freelancer, you can work for many different companies at the same time. Your clients can be local, across the country, or around the world. This can result in an influx of new business opportunities. 


Reduce Stress


Having the ability to pick and choose jobs keeps you in control. You also eliminate the boss or co-worker breathing down your neck. Additionally, you’re able to maintain a balance between work and family. These few items can help to reduce stress and make you feel good.  


An End to the Water Cooler


In traditional office settings, there always seems to be drama. When you work from home, you no longer have to deal with who’s done what, when, and where. You’re in your own inner circle free of chaos. You can expand your business with german peo


Becoming a freelancer can open the door to a comfortable and satisfying life. While not for everyone, if you’re a self-starter and motivated, it can provide wealth from several avenues. 

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