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#1 Join The Mile High Club On A Private Jet


Who wouldn’t like to have their own private jet to take them wherever they wish, anywhere in the world and very short notice? Want a trip to Europe? No problem. Fancy have a bit of a flurry at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas? Consider it done! How about taking your new love interest to a romantic night in Venice? You got it. You see, one of the best things about having money and the ability to charter your own plane to anywhere you wish is an exclusive privilege that only the super-rich can really afford. You could even hire a team of glamorous models or strippers to be the cabin crew for your flights, how does that sound? Liking it so far? Well how about using your chartered jet to get yourself into the mile high club? It’s completely feasible; If you own a plane you can do whatever you want in the cabin (within reason). So if you are super-rich and reading this; you have your own jet but you’re not sure of what to do with it this weekend, why not charter it somewhere hot and join the mile high club.

#2 Travel To Space Via The Virgin Galactic


Whether you are a Star Wars, Star Trek or Buck Rogers fan, the chances are that you all have one thing in common; you would love to travel to outer space, and who wouldn’t! Many of us have dreamed about flying high above the Earth’s atmosphere and traveling into the great unknown. Well if you are one of these people then your luck may be about to change; if you are super-rich, you will soon have the ability to become a galactic space tourist through Richard Branson’s newest venture – The Virgin Galactic, this amazing leap in travel is allowing space travel a reality to those who are wealthy enough to afford it. Prices for the Galactic are said to cost $200,000 and to secure your seat you will need to pay a whopping $20,000 deposit (10% of the overall cost). In all honesty this is something very viable to the super-wealthy people of the world, to many this amount of money is a drop in the ocean compared to their own private wealth so there is going to be no shortage of people ready to jump on board. If you love the idea of space travel and you have the money in the bank why not jump into warp-speed and head on over to the Virgin Galactic.

#3 Start Your Own Formula One Racing Team



This may seem a little far-fetched, but it isn’t in the slightest, well not for those of you that are filthy rich anyway. Ross Brawn did this just two seasons ago and has now sold it on to the Mercedes GP Petronas group for a cool profit, so not only can this be done, it can also be a lucrative business opportunity as well as a thrilling motor-sport to become involved with. Formula One Racing is one of the more high-end sports that you can compete within, in the entire world. The cars themselves cost millions of dollars to build and have tested, and then there is the team behind the car and the driver; the list goes on and there is a lot of money that is to change hands if you want to get into this game but make no mistakes, if you are a top class competitor you can really take home the gold for your trophy cabinets. If you love trophies and showing the world you can be the best at anything then this may be something for you. If however you are not this rich, then you could always join the amateur rally club, or maybe the stock car racing scene!

#4 Buy Your Way Into Premiership Football


Yes again this is something that would have been thought as a deranged notion a few years back, but fast forward to the modern-day and it seems that all of the super-rich entrepreneurs and business men and women of the world are buying into the most popular sport in the world – Football. If you fancy your chances as a director of one of the worlds leading football clubs you are going to have to spend a lot of dollars and you are going to want to be part of the elusive Premiership League in the UK. Just look at Chelsea F.C, they were once a great team that fought till the very end of each game but always managed to come up a little short; each season they would be overshadowed by the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool F.C. However that is not the case now; ever since Roman Abramovich has been in power at Chelsea F.C the multi-billionaire has brought the team into a world-class behemoth which are almost unstoppable at times; and when they are snapping up all of the worlds best players for hundreds of millions of pounds, it’s not hard to see why. If you are rich enough to do a “Roman Abramovich” then you may want to start saving those pennies, this game is a beautiful game but it’s not cheap.

#5 Have Your Own Sky Scraper Or Tower Built


This is something that a lot of high-powered businessmen and women crave, the chance to have their very own ‘Trump Towers’ This is more about having a sky scraper or large building built not only for them but for their business and it is not something that impossible, in fact it’s far from it. Donald Trump has many buildings which he owns, many are hotels, some are more personal and private, so the dream of having your own tower is not impossible at all. It will however take a lot of planning, a lot of money and a lot of man-power, but nonetheless this is an achievable feat that you can accomplish should you desire to follow this path. This is once again only for the super-rich, as is the rest of this list but I wanted to add this one because it is something business people and entrepreneurs crave for, a place of their own which is well-known, something that is a pillar of recognition for their ability to excel in whatever it is they do to make the money they have earned over their working years. In short – if you own a sky scraper of your own then you know you have made it.

#6 Stay For A Week In A Penthouse Suite In Las Vegas


If you have ever visited Las Vegas you will know just how expensive it can be to stay there, so imagine staying in one of the best hotels in the world, in the penthouse suite! The penthouse suites are notorious for being out-of-this-world in terms of luxuries, plus they are some of the most expensive places to stay in the world. These rooms are really only for those who are very rich, it costs more to stay in one of these rooms than it costs for a month’s rent in a large house, that’s how expensive they are. Of course, with this expense you do get perks, you have the best views in the city, you have access to everything you want in the hotel (and more) and you are treated like a god by the staff during your stay. This is something I think everyone would love to have a taste of but unfortunately, unless you are making 5-6 figures a month, it is going to be very difficult to stay at one of these amazing locations. That being said, if you are adamant you want to stay in the penthouse for your stag weekend, I’m sure you could manage to afford a nights stay there, if you save up enough over the year that is!

#7 Build Your Own Theme Park

How cool would this one be? Imagine having your very own theme park, it would be amazing, you could go on any of the rides for free (not that it would matter about money if you are that rich), you could open the theme park up at any time of the day or night, how amazing would that be! Having your own theme park would certainly come with a lot of perks but more importantly it would also be a long-term investment so you would also be making a rather savvy business decision too. Just think of the money you could make charging people to enter the theme park, this would be a fun investment indeed. Again you would have to be either part of an organization or a very wealthy person to be able to do this but it is doable. There would be major costs involved in the construction of such an idea, you’d need land, an architect, a construction team, a team of individuals who specialize in roller-coasters and rides; the list would go on and on but for those of you who are clued up in the leisure and entertainment sector, this could be a real winner. As well as being an extreme business purchase!

#8 Buy And Fly A Real Jet-Pack

No this is not some crazy notion stemming from watching a few too many science fiction and action based films. You really do have the chance to have and use your own personal Jet-Pack although they are not quite the same as those you saw on ‘The Jetsons’ when you were growing up. These Jet-Packs really can take you to infinity and beyond but to get there you first have to travel to around 14,000 feet to really get the benefits of these massively expensive fireworks with wings! The idea of flying via a jet based personal vehicle has been the dream of many scientists over the past 50 or so years but now it seems this industry is really coming to life thanks to a few enthusiasts that are creating their very own jet powered packs. So if you have worked hard and earned enough pennies, you too may be able to join the ranks of Jet-Pack pilot by either hiring the technical staff to build your own or simply buy one from these enthusiasts. At the end of the day, if you are just a big kid with lots of money and you want to fly then go and do this, you will not regret it.

#9 Travel Italy By Ferrari

Ferrari F430 on the track at Exotic Rides Mexico. Exotic Rides Mexico gives guests the opportunity to drive the most exotic and exclusive cars in the world on a 1.1 mile private race track in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The ultimate way to travel around the beautiful country of Italy is of course by Ferrari; a car manufacturer that everyone knows about. Ferrari are one of the most expensive car makers in the world and their lavish designs and extravagant attention to detail are easily noticed by fans and enthusiasts alike. Traveling around Italy would be a great experience in itself but renting (or even buying if you are that well-off) a beautiful Ferrari in the classic red paint tones which we all know and love, would be a dream-come-true. Imagine the looks from onlookers, imagine the roar of the engine as you travel around the winding roads of Italy; just think about the feeling of power, freedom and the sense of really being alive you would get from driving through the open roads of Italy, one of the most beautiful places in the world, in one of the country’s most expensive and stunning vehicles. Traveling through Italy in a Ferrari, if you can afford it – do it; but don’t forget to take some choice photographs too!

#10 Hire An Island Of Your Very Own For A Week


This is no longer just a dream , although for many it will remain just that; however for those of you with the ability to afford such luxuries you will not be disappointed with this item. Necker Island is owned by the British entrepreneur Richard Branson and is yours for personal and exclusive hire should you choose to a holiday out of the public eye. Branson bought the island in 1979 after having his first “low-ball” bid of £100,000 rejected; however he later bought the island for a reported £180,000 after the owner, Lord Cobham came into money problems and needed fast cash. Since buying the unpopulated island, Branson has turned it into his own private getaway and now hires it out to the super-rich when they need to have a vacation away from prying eyes. For the price you pay to have the island exclusively for yourself and your party, you will receive a full team of staff which will come to your every beck and call; as well as having the island completely at your disposal with no other guests apart from those you choose yourself. Yes this is a lavish plae to stay and the prices are not for the squeamish but if you are super-rich you can afford this little piece of heaven.


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