While time at home can be great, many Americans will find themselves itching to get back outdoors. Social distancing has shut down many of the National Parks and other reserves, but this time can still be a valuable tool to plan that next great outdoor adventure. Here are some quick tips to make sure your Post-Pandemic Adventure is one to remember.

Decide on an Activity

The first step is to decide what kind of activity you want to partake in. Whether it’s hiking, bouldering, canyoneering, or fishing, you’ll want to make sure it is something that fits your interests. One popular option many will take after stay-at-home orders end is to take a camping trip. In addition to those listed above, consider mountain biking, geocaching, driving dune buggies, or trail riding on ATVs. Hunting is another popular choice, but like fishing, and would-be sportsmen need to attain proper documentation and permits before planning a trip. This time in quarantine can be used to update those expired FOID cards or fishing licenses.

Fix up Your Off-Road Vehicle

If your adventure involves motors, this time social distancing can also be a great time to fix up an old off-road vehicle. To make sure that your ATV or buggy is ready, there are some steps you can take now. To start, check the fluids, tires, and frame. Any rust or other issues should be dealt with as soon as possible. This is also a great time to make any upgrades like adding lights, fixing loose steering, or installing a digital speedometer in an off-road vehicle. You can always use a credit union credit card to make these purchases all at once and pay it off monthly or all at once for building credit or earning cash back. Lights and an easily visible speedometer happen to be low cost upgrades that would be very helpful if one is planning on riding the dunes or a dirt road under a moonlit sky.

Find a Location

Once you decide on an activity, you will need to find a location. This will also require you to decide how far you wish to venture. Depending on your current location, some activities may be harder than others. As a rule, state parks and national parks are a great place to start looking. Camping, hiking, bouldering, fishing, and canyoneering are all perfect options for these parks; however, the use of motor vehicles and even bikes may be restricted, and permits may need to be obtained for fishing or hunting. Make sure to check all the rules for your given location.

Get New Gear

Once your location and activities are set, the gear becomes the priority. Now is a great time to look for deals online from outlets like Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mtn., and REI. Depending on your dream adventure, you will need different gear, but optimal clothing and tools are always needed. A good pair of hiking shoes or boots can last years, and now is the perfect time to comb the web for a deal. Jackets, tents, and good socks can also be a great gift for a loved one or for some self-love.

Your post-pandemic outdoor adventure is waiting for you to plan it. Pick an activity, a location, grab some new gear, and make an itinerary so that this time indoors prepares you for time outdoors.


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