While most people shopping for a new car can’t afford to buy the top-of-the line luxury model, that doesn’t mean they can’t find a car that they like and impart that sense of luxury into it. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a new or used vehicle, what you see on the showroom floor or out on the car lot doesn’t have to be the end result.

It’s not a new trend exactly, but it’s certainly one that is very popular among car consumers. In today’s day and age, it has become all about customisation. It’s about taking a look at a vehicle and finding ways that you can make changes, upgrades, and add unique features and elements so that the car takes on that more luxurious and personalised feel. Some people look for ways to make the car more powerful, make it sportier, or more sumptuous, it’s all personal taste.

So as you start your shopping experience you may want to consider these top seven ways that you can in fact customise your new-to-you vehicle, as these tips can be used on new and used vehicles.

Get New Personalised Plates

Sure you can go ahead and transfer your existing personal plates to your new car, but if you aren’t attached to them then there is nothing stopping you from purchasing new private plates. British Car Registrations is a company that specialises in private registrations of plates and will either transfer your existing personalised number plates to your new vehicle, or you can purchase a new private number plate through them.

If you aren’t picky about the plate, you can purchase personalised number plates starting as low as £49. The company makes it possible for you to actually search through a database of plates allowing you to pick the one that stands out to you. Their personalised car registration service allows you to also track the progress of your personalised registration 24/7 so you know where your plate is, and when it will arrive. During the private car registration process it will be British Car Registrations that will liaise with the DVLA.

Upgrade the Audio System

If you’re looking for a way to customise your vehicle that provides the maximum amount of impact, then you’ll want to look into upgrading your audio system. If the vehicle has the factory installed system, then you’ve got plenty of options available to you. You’ll be able to upgrade the speakers to ones that offer more power, you can add subwoofers, and change out the display panel to something more high-tech.

While some people choose to upgrade the audio system on their own, keep in mind there is skill involved and if it’s not done properly it won’t sound as it’s meant to and fit as it is intended. With that in mind it may be wise to have it done by a professional shop.

Install a Backup Camera

Not only are backup cameras typical in the more luxurious models available today, they also provide a very convenient service. These backup cameras provide you with a more complete view of your surroundings and will alert you if you are getting to close to an object or person when in reverse. Another great aspect of these backup cameras is that they can easily be installed after-market.

Unlike with a car stereo, there are plenty of models that you can easily install yourself. Aftermarket kits contain all the pieces you’ll need to install the camera (this YouTube tutorial will help), but keep in mind that depending on the kit you purchase there will still be quite a few steps. As long as your car has a display screen on the dash, then there’s a good chance it will be compatible with today’s camera retrofit kits. This is a relatively cheap upgrade as well.

When shopping for a backup camera kit, some of the things to look for are a model that offers parking lines which will help you gauge where you are, investigate what kind of sensor it has, the viewing angle it offers, it should have mirror image meaning it will look like what appears in your rear-view mirror, it works in low-light conditions, and that the cameras themselves are easy to mount.

Add Seat Coverings and Change Up the Look

Here’s an upgrade that you can do without any DIY skills whatsoever, yet will still offer pretty substantial impact. Seat covers are able to completely change the look of the interior of your vehicle. It’s a great way to cover up old, tired and stained seats, and change the colour of the interior. You can purchase seat covers in a variety of stores, just be sure you are buying the right size for your make and model.

To complete the interior upgrade you can also purchase coordinating floor mats.

Add Exterior Paint Details

While not a job you can tackle on your own, customising your vehicle by adding exterior paint details is also a great approach. Maybe you want to add racing stripes, a design, a splash of colour, whatever strikes you and makes the car personalised.

Add a Little Leather to Your Steering Wheel

One feature that you’ll find in the majority of luxury cars is a leather wrapped steering wheel. If this is something your car is lacking there’s no reason it has to stay that way. You can easily purchase a steering wheel cover kit. While it may not be real leather, in most cases it’s PV leather, it will still provide the same look.

This is something you can do on your own, and is very cost-effective. You can find steering wheel covers in different colours, designs, and even prints.

Go All Out with a Body Kit

If you like the look of a sports car, but an actual sports car wasn’t in the budget then a body kit could be the perfect solution. These kits modify the look of your car and create something that is much more sporty and unique, and will definitely stand out.

Body kits can make the car look like it is lower to the ground – like a typical sports car – it can modify the shape of the car, involve new panels, and even fenders depending on how far you want to go with it. They range in price depending on how many modifications you want to make to the car.

If you’re just looking for a basic place to start, it’s always a good tip to install a spoiler. These work well on sedans and hatchbacks. Again there are a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colours to choose from. You can stick to an understated spoiler or really scream attention and get something oversized and impressive looking.

Customise Your Car So that it’s Your Perfect Vehicle

Thanks to the availability of after-market parts and kits, customising a vehicle has never been easier, faster or more cost-effective. Car owners are no longer stuck with what they buy, rather they are given all kinds of after-market ways to make their car unique, luxurious, sporty, or whatever other look they are going for. So if you’ve recently purchased a car and are wishing you could tweak it a bit, then these tips should help you to figure out what’s possible.

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