A dinnerware set is considered the star attraction of a dining table for a lot of people. There is a lot to it than just being a mere crockery used for serving food. A lovely dinnerware set enhances the meals; this even creates a mood for your home dining, as well as it can fully showcase your sense of style. The simplest solution to choosing dinnerware sets that will be perfect for your home is fully comprehending and recognizing the differences between the different varieties of dinnerware sets – from formal settings for luxurious social gatherings to regular daily pieces for everyday use.


The dinnerware where you eat your food from is considered as important as the full meal itself. How your dinnerware set looks, how it is being cared for, and how you will be using it – all of these needs to be taken into account before deciding on what dinnerware set to buy. This article will help you find out what dinnerware sets would be best for your home dining experience.


Types of Dinnerware Sets


Name it what you want – plates, dishes or flatware – your dinnerware will be the main focus on your table. Before you start thinking about styles and designs, focusing your attention as to what material you really would prefer is a relevant start. The most common dinnerware set materials are bone china, stoneware, earthenware, melamine, and porcelain.


Dinnerware sets are available in various styles, materials, and the number of pieces. There are some dinnerware sets that collaborate excellently for fancy dinner parties, while others are more appropriate for backyard BBQs and informal get-togethers. A dinnerware set crafted from bone china or porcelain would undoubtedly look stunning for formal dinnerware, whereas earthenware or melamine is ideal for casual dining. Typically, formal dinnerware sets feature a crisp white color scheme, enhanced with a more timeless design. Casual dinnerware frequently features bright patterns and colors, giving you a lot of fun choices to get creative.


A typical setting for a dinnerware set includes a bowl, cup, salad plate, and dinner plate, implying a 16-piece dinnerware set can accommodate four people (at the most). Formal dinnerware sets can include additional pieces like saucers, a dessert plate, and platters. There are also some dinnerware sets that go all out and include serving trays, sauce plates, butter dishes, and even gravy boats to add coordinating serving pieces to your dinnerware set. Whenever one of the pieces from your set will unfortunately break, a replacement may sometimes be purchased individually.


Best Dinnerware Set Materials


Bone China Dinnerware


If you are looking for sturdy and exquisite dinnerware set, then look no further than the bone china. Widely known for its slim, delicate-looking design, bone china is, in fact, among the most lasting types of dinnerware available. The white, semi-translucent design makes it an exquisite look complementing any dining table. Bone china is relatively safe for dishwashers, but it may be preferable to be washed by hand.


Porcelain Dinnerware


Porcelain dinnerware is more relatively cheap than bone china, but it has a bit thicker design but is still very sturdy. Porcelain dinnerware sets are resistant to breakage and can be washed safely in dishwashers and heated in a microwave oven. Porcelain, the same as bone china, due mainly to its sophisticated style works really well as a formal dinnerware.


Stoneware Dinnerware


Stoneware is a casual, break-resistant dinnerware with numerous stylish choices. Stoneware is significantly heavier and thicker than that of bone china and porcelain but does not have the same strength level, so the pieces would need special care while washing and reheating food with it. Washing stoneware by hand, is preferred. To avoid having an extremely hot dish, do not use your stoneware when microwaving food. Transfer the contents to a paper plate or Tupperware and then reheat.


Earthenware Dinnerware


Earthenware is one of the most economical ceramic dinnerware sets. As its construction is far more porous than that of other kinds of dinnerware, it is sealed and solidified with a waterproof glaze before it can be used. Earthenware is typically considered as the casual go-to plate, although less sturdy than stoneware or porcelain.


Melamine Dinnerware


Although melamine dinnerware replicates the appearance of ceramic dinnerware, it is crafted of a resin, which is highly durable. Melamine can be used thousands of times and is unfazed by cracking or chipping, making it an excellent choice for any dining occasion. Melamine dinnerware sets are available in various colors and styles, allowing you to find the perfect style for your need effortlessly.


Assessing Your Space Storage


The amount of storage capacity you have available would be something to take into account before you go out and buy sets of dinner plates, or a dozen or more table settings. The space is also essential to note when considering to either invest in one dinnerware set that can be used in various setting or two dinnerware sets for specific types of occasions.


Caring for Your Dinnerware Sets


You must always read the manufacturer’s instructions before you use your dinnerware. There are certain types of formal dinnerware that should be hand-washed and hand-dried, rather than just placing it in a dishwasher. Some dinnerware sets may contain metal in their structure that prohibits it from being put in a microwave.


Dinnerware sets, which are break-resistant, are great for outdoor dining and if you have kids in the house. It would be good to review the directions for care and determine if your dinnerware is suitable to be cleaned in a dishwasher or if it can be put in a microwave or oven.


To help keep your dinnerware sets appear beautiful, follow these tips:


  • Three minutes before rinsing and towel-drying, soak the dinnerware pieces in white vinegar to remove water spots on the plates, spoons, forks, and glasses.
  • Rub baking soda paste and water in mugs and plates with fork marks to remove the stains effectively.
  • Placing a padded storage case or a fabric between each piece with fabric will prevent plates and bows from scratching or chipping once it stacked on top of each other. 


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