Fred Frazan and Jilla Frazan were founding partners of Nora Lighting, established in 1989, merely two years since they escaped from religious oppression in Iran. They worked in a thousand sq ft building with 4 SKUs (2 trims and 2 cans) and one full-time worker (except Jilla) when they started.


Fred quit his 8-5 office work in 1993 and chose to join Jilla proactively in dealing with and overseeing Nora Lighting. A year later, with Nora Lighting’s growth and success, they moved to a larger 6000 square feet warehouse.


Fred and Jilly progressively expanded their incredible and outstanding Nora Lighting family over the next twelve (12) years. They continued working relentlessly to add more technological innovations, grow their internal team, introduce agencies for customer service, and diversify their customer base. By 1996, they moved to a much bigger warehouse for the third time, which has an area of 20,000 sq ft.


In 2001 they were able to purchase a 150,000 sq ft warehouse in Commerce, California (this is their main headquarter at present) with consistent hard work, commitment, and cooperation from their staff, representatives, and clients.


As of now, they are proud to share their product listing of SKUs around 40,000, a vast client base (a lot of these clienteles has been with them ever since they launched), exceptional and professional sales representatives in all the commercial showrooms of their company, and more than 150 employees formed their Nora Lighting family.

They feature a complete R&D center at every headquarters of Nora Lighting, which is fully equipped latest innovative technology to cater to their growing portfolio of LED fixtures. They even have production lines to reconfigure or create a product that satisfies their consumers’ needs and wants. They also have offices that are designed for quality assurance and testing. They are also now delighted to announce the building of their latest and greatest Nora Lighting showroom, which was finished in 2019.


Nora Lighting is very proud to be a company that is owned and run by a family. With 30 years in the industry, Nora Lighting is delighted to note that they have continued to remain consistent with their core values in facilitating excellent service, value, and product quality over the past few decades. They lived up to their motto, that is, “Illuminating the Future,” as well as their mission statement: “Big enough to do it, small enough to care for.” These mission and vision statements reflect well on why Nora has become such a trustworthy business that provides its consumers with any of their lighting needs. They keep on working that will give the best quality, the latest and state-of-the-art technology yet at the same time never losing their commitment on their promise to offer outstanding customer service to their clients.


Nora Lighting Products


Here is a rundown of a few of Nora Lighting’s bestselling products:




It is the best pick for energy-efficient lighting used under the cupboards to substitute halogen or compact fluorescent lights. It guarantees the xenon or halogen dimming adaptability, even dispersion of light, effortless operation, and energy-efficient lighting. At any given time, the LEDUR TW allows the user to change between varying kelvin temperatures by a three-position switch. The design of the edge-lit LED produces a smooth, steady light on a counter surface. It eliminates reflections of hot spot granite and other surfaces usually created when used under cabinets by conventional LED’s. LEDUR boasts fast installation as well.


Comfort Dim


Comfort Dim, introduced by Nora, is an energy-efficient dimming innovation that warms the light as power is reduced. The Comfort Dim Tape would be the perfect linear lighting option for cafes, movie theaters, home theaters, recreational facilities, and other applications where the mood can be set by temperature and light. This energy-efficient but somehow low-profile LED light is especially suitable for cove lighting, under-cabinet, and plenty more subtle sites.


Ilene Series


This lighting design creates a bright, clear light with 90 CRI, which used the Cree COB Technology. The optics provide maximum visual comfort. Every Ilene Series type provides three optics for customizable spots, narrow floods and flood beam spreads. Its fixed canopy driver helps the operation to be seamless, and it also has dimming options. Its cylinders come in various colors: black, white, and silver.


RLM LED Shades


With this product line, you can select from various diameter sizes of your liking – 8, “10” and 16 “in. It has a fantastic shade, which is aluminum, which matches just about any decor. Its LED optics sit deep in the bowl that provides equal light distribution and also visual comfort.


ARI Step Lights


These step light LEDs are versatile and cost-effective. It offers bright visibility lighting while walking in stairways, passageways, or patio areas. A step light is easy to maintain, and it will save up to 80 percent of the cost of electricity compared to 10-Watt incandescent stage light.


Bravo Frost TW


This small and compact fixture offers excellent lighting on any surface. This linear LED light is among the most popular and energy-efficient lighting in the industry.


Quartz Series


This kind of Nora Lighting fixture is a LED architectural downlight and is commercial grade. It has configurable controls, a Tunable Wattage, which allows a user to adjust the light output and a Tunable White, which enables Kelvin temperature selection. In addition, this has reflectors with two tension steel spring clips that make it possible for the fixture to be mounted with no need for a frame or housing.


AC Opal Series


It is designed to be simply installed on any regular power socket that is also appropriate to be used in any recessed environment. This produces even lighting to the entire space. It also does not create a diode image of any kind. This Opal fixture is the ideal lighting for wardrobes, dressers, laundry rooms, passageways, and even showers – can be either in a home or commercial setting.


Onyx TW Series


This type of lighting is a top caliber, affordable fixture compliant with any existing, newly built, or remodeled housings.

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