Savoring a good wine is one of the best ways to relax. This is why some people don’t mind any amount spent on acquiring a quality wine that’ll give them optimum satisfaction. 


However, because of the endless varieties available in a typical wine store, most people fall short of making the right decision on the wine to choose this season. These people often chose wrongly because their choices were made based only on the taste, color, aroma, and fluidity of the wine. 


If you must choose the right wine for this season, you must go beyond analyzing wines through these characteristics. You need to start taking into consideration important things like the type of grapes used, the fermentation process, the alcohol content of the wine, and other qualities that people often overlook. 


However, to make the process easier for you, here are the best wines to try this season and what to expect from them.


  1. Red Wine


When it comes to red wine, what most people judge from is the color. Also, the average person feels that red wine doesn’t show class because it’s quite common. What most people don’t know is that red wine isn’t only colorful but also rich in content. 


The average red wine is a blend of the whole fruit’s (usually a grape) skin, seed, and pulp. This is what gives the wine it’s famous red color, showing richness. Also, the fermentation process that produces red wine is quite different as it involves a higher fermentation temperature than other types of wine. This higher fermentation temperature is needed to extract the color of the grape into the mixture. In fact, the distinct red color determines how much flavor is in the wine, invariably determining the aroma. 


All these factors are what makes a red wine a good choice to drink in any season. You can easily get and shop for any red wine of your choice by checking sites like


There are different types of red wine, which can be classified into types based on the taste and the alcohol content. The main categorizations include the full-bodied, medium-bodied, and light-bodied red wines. 


  • Full-bodied red wine contains an alcohol content of close to 13.5% with a deep taste that makes the mouthfeel full or heavy. 


  • The medium-bodied red wine has an alcohol content of between 12.5% and 13.5%, and gives a less full feeling in the mouth when compared with the full-bodied red wines. 


  • Lastly, the light-bodied red wine has an alcohol content of less than 12.5%. 


To get the full wine tasting experience, you should try all three to know what’ll soothe your taste.


  1. White Wine


White wine seems to appear colorless to the onlooker. This is why some people think that white wine is from white grapes. On the contrary, white wine can come from any grapes–white, red, and even black. 


The difference between white wine and red wine is basically in the fermentation temperature and the added flavor. The fermentation temperature of white wine is usually lower than red wine. The low-temperature fermentation process prevents the grape’s colors from getting into the wine, hence the white color. 


White wines are also associated with a creamy bright savory appearance and flavor. They also contain the grape’s seed, pulp, and skin. The bright, creamy outlook of white wines makes them suitable drinks for this season and will give you a perfect relaxation experience.


  1. Rose Wine


What readily comes to people’s minds when they think of rose wine is the rose flower. To drive this rose flower imagination home, they’re usually served with a pink flower in them. However, like most other wines, rose wines are also from red and black grapes, but the fermentation time for rose wines is usually very short, ranging from as low as 10 hours to a maximum of 36 hours. 


This low temperature prevents the materials used in making the wine (notably grape’s seed, skin, and pip) from releasing their full content into the mixture. 


The fermentation process produces the characteristic pink color of rose wines. Simply put, rose wines are red wines made at a lowered temperature than red wine. This is also why some people can come up with rose wine by mixing red wine and white wine. 


  1. Sparkling Wines


Generally speaking, sparkling wines are ideal for seasons of celebration and perfect in giving a relaxation experience. The process of making sparkling wines is almost the same as white wine. 


However, unlike white wine, sparkling wines are extracted without the grape skin, seed, and pip. Instead, the uniqueness of sparkling wines comes from the addition of carbon dioxide during the fermentation process that gives the wine a naturally bubbling outlook, hence the sparkling effect. 


This also allows for the pop sound and the foaming bubble it makes when opened. Going for a sparkling wine this summer is a sure way to celebrate the season and the gradual opening of public places after a long lockdown.


  1. Dessert And Fortified Wine


When it comes to dessert or fortified wine, one thing to remember is that these wines have a unique, sweet taste because they’re fortified with taste-enhancing flavors, hence the name fortified wines. 


There’s no exact science as to how to produce fortified wines as the materials used to enhance the wine and the fortification method determine the end taste. They’re also called dessert wine because they’re usually served after a meal as a dessert to produce a relaxation effect following your meal. 


If you’re someone with a sense of style, you can take a glass of sweetened fortified white wine as an appetizer and a fortified red wine after the meal. 




With the summer in full force, it’s now time for relaxation and all things fun. It’s absolutely normal to enjoy the summer with the best bottle of wine. Some of the best wines to try this season include red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and dessert wine. 


More so, from the above, you may have noticed that what mostly differentiates most wines is the content created from the different temperatures used in the fermentation process, the materials, and the flavors or sweeteners added to the mix. To get an enjoyable wine taste experience this summer, you can first sample some of the wines listed to have a wine that’ll suit your style and taste.


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