There are some items that you should always splash the cash on, and absolutely throw the budget out of the window for. When they’re key pieces that are so important in your wardrobe it makes no sense to buy cheap, or you’re just going to be constantly replacing them. Good quality staples will add instant sophistication to any outfit, and are always worth investing in. High end designer pieces will almost always reflect excellent quality, will look great and make you look expensive and well-dressed. Here are some of the luxury fashion accessories that you should splash the cash on.

The first thing that’s well worth investing in is a designer handbag. The overall look and feel will blow anything else right out of the water, from the high quality materials that are made to last (who wants scruffy worn out straps after a few months?!) to the attention to detail and gorgeously expensive look that a designer bag will have. Choose well and it will last you for years. While this is likely to be a big expense up front, if you consider how much wear you’ll get from a good bag they’re actually a lot more cost-effective in the long run. This is because they don’t wear out as quickly and need replacing every few months. If you only plan on buying the one designer bag, go for something that will be versatile enough to match most outfits. Something like a medium sized Chanel flap bag could be used for everything from work to cocktails in the evening. Similarly the Mulberry Bayswater would make a great choice. The simple yet iconic design will look just as fantastic to a work meeting, than with jeans and flats at the weekends.

Secondly, consider investing in a stunning high end watch. A watch is a true piece of craftsmanship, it’s a classic accessory that gives you a put-together look. So forget cheap timepieces, and go with something that’s going to be high quality and will last you well. There’s a good reason Michael Kors ladies watches are so popular, their stunning designs blend traditional with trendy so you get the best of both worlds. Choose a design that suits your personal style as well as your size and bone structure. For example, if you’re particularly petite you might find that a chunkier style will drown your wrist and won’t look quite right. Taking your skin’s undertones into consideration is also a good idea too. For example, warmer skin tones will suit gold whereas cooler skin tones will look nicer with silver. Rose gold is a great universal choice which will look good on just about everyone.

Nothing says sophisticated and chic quite like a beautiful pair of designer sunglasses. The celebrities all do this so well, you can steal their look by investing in a really good pair. There are all kinds of on-trend and unique looking designs on offer, but something sleek and simple with your designer of choice’s logo on the arm of the glasses is a subtle way to showcase your expensive taste. You’ll protect your eyes and prevent premature aging while looking fantastic in the process, it really is a win-win situation.

Like most animals, humans are designed to associate height with power. This is why a pair of killer heels can make you feel so strong, and why they’re so highly associated with powerful women. Designer shoes are a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe, go for something classy like a pair of Jimmy Choo Romy’s or Louboutin Pigalle with their famous red soles. Designer shoes tend to be much more comfortable and stable than cheaper alternatives, and so not only do they look nice but they perform better too. This is especially important when it comes to things like shoes, as you don’t want to damage your feet or be wobbling around on them. Always get your designer shoes regularly re-heeled and re-soled, not only will this make them last longer but allowing them to become scruffy and worn out is the quickest way to cheapen the look! Find yourself a good cobbler, preferably one that has experience in working with designer shoes.

Finally, a great staple accessory is an expensive piece of jewellery. It could be anything from a simple pair of diamond studs to a necklace, bracelet or ring with a good quality precious stone. Something to bring out and wear on special occasions that looks fantastic with any outfit, and always makes you feel great.


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