For most people, the only time they get to enjoy and immerse themselves in fantastical or spooky fun activities is during Halloween. This is largely because Halloween is the most popular spooky holiday, complete with the fun activity of “trick or treat”. However, beyond Halloween, there are many other fun spooky holidays and festivals one can attend and enjoy, especially if traveling the world and discovering the fantastical is your thing. This article provides an opportunity for you to discover and enjoy fun spooky festivals.



  1. Dance of Death

One of the most popular holidays in the world is Easter holiday which is celebrated across different cultures and in different ways. In Verges, Girona, Spain, one of the ways Easter is celebrated is through the Dance of the Dead. This festival takes place on Easter Thursday, otherwise known as Maundy Thursday. During the Dance of the dead, five people, three children and two men dressed as skeletons, dancing to the beat of a drum. One of the dancers holds a scythe with the words “Nemini Parco” meaning “death forgives no one”. Their dance is used to signify the limited time humans have on earth. It is also said to signify the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. While dancing, the only source of light is a torchlight which is used to illuminate their dance steps. This mixture of carefully positioned lighting and steady drum beats, delivers a truly eerie feeling, and makes for an awesome spooky experience. 


  1. Walpurgis Night

You know what is better than one Halloween? Two Halloweens! In Brocken, the highest mountain within the Harz Mountain range in Germany, you will find just that; Halloween in October and Walpurgisnacht in April. Walpurgisnacht or Walpurgis Night is a night dedicated to putting on spooky costumes, having lots of beer and food, and partying around bonfires. Walpurgisnacht started as an event in honor of Saint Walpurga, a Christian saint who supposedly rid Germany of witchcraft and pagan sorcery. During this event which takes place on the 30th of April every year, locals come out in their costumes and gather together to protect themselves from witchcraft through dances and offerings. The festival has moved beyond superstition and became a communal celebration of these superstitious folktales. 


  1. Dia de los Muertos

If you are familiar with the animated film Coco, you have probably heard a little about Dia de Los Muertos which is Mexico’s Day of the Dead. This is a festival that pays respect to dead family members. This is a festive and joyful celebration which features parties and parades. Colorful marigold petals are thrown on the ground to guide the souls of the dead back to their family altars where offerings have been left by living family members. This event takes place on All Saints Day/All Souls Day in November. 


One of the major reasons to travel is exploring different cultures and having fun while at it. This experience can be heightened for the traveler who also loves spooky things by exploring the spooky festivals and celebrations of different parts of the world. 

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