A great athlete is an individual who isn’t afraid to push themselves a little bit harder. It’s an individual who combines a love for a sport with a few skills, some of which are learned, and others come naturally. Athletes who pride themselves on their game and being successful often find themselves with an advantage over other players. What does it take for an athlete to achieve success? Reaching your athletic goals may not be as difficult as you’d assume. The seven qualities on the following list are among the most important to successful athletes.

1- Commitment to Their Sport

Athletes play sports for various reasons. Some may have loved the sport at a young age. Some dream of professional level careers in their sport of choice while some only enjoy playing as a hobby. The best players enjoy their sport and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to be the best. They are committed to getting things done, even when it requires them to push themselves a little bit harder or do a little more than anticipated.

2- They Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep is vital to good health, yet thousands of people underestimate its importance and ignore the American Sleep Association recommendations for getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. Athletes perform better when they are well-rested and aren’t sleepy from the night before. Aim to sleep at least eight hours each night and adhere to expert guidelines. Athletes who get enough sleep each night perform better than those who lack sleep. They also make better choices, are happier, and have more energy and strength.  Athletic Lift recommends getting enough rest between practices and games to avoid injuries that could sideline you temporarily or even permanently. Consider purchasing a mattress for athletes to ensure body support that secures a good night of rest.

3- Realistic Goals

Everyone needs goals. It provides motivation to continue forth since you know what you want and how you’ll get it. Setting realistic short-term and long-term goals benefit athletes regardless of their future dreams. Create a list of goals, outlining the steps necessary to achieve the goals. Work towards one goal at a time and reward yourself once you’ve achieved results. With a bit of effort and time, setting and achieving goals is not only possible but easy.

4- They Eat Healthy Foods

A well-balanced diet is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. It is even more important for athletes who need a well-balanced diet to improve their athletic performance. Athletes should stay away from processed foods, fatty foods, carbs, and sugars. It seems like these things are everywhere, but athletes need the willpower to avoid them. Water and drinks like Gatorade best quench thirst and keep athletes hydrated. Food fuels our body giving us the nutrients necessary to live life to the fullest and push ourselves just a little bit harder.

5- Train Hard, Play Harder

Being the best at your sport and at your game requires commitment and a high level of dedication. This equals plenty of training and dedication during every game. The best athletes understand that participating, giving it their all, is more important than the outcome of the game. They thrive during difficult tasks and don’t mind waiting for benefits that may not come immediately.

6- Realize That Attitude Is a Choice

Athletes often face discouragement when the coach doesn’t give them enough time on the court or after a game loss. This provides an opportunity to learn from failure and grow from success. Athletes with the right attitude strive for excellence, not perfection. They maintain a balance between sports, work, and personal lives and respect teammates and other players, coaches, and others. Attitude is important, even in times of loss or difficulty. Athletes maintain a predominantly positive attitude to succeed in their sport.

7- Self-Motivation

Athletes need support from coaches, teammates, friends, family, and others; however, the best support comes from within. Self-motivation provides encouragement during difficult times. When you are your own best friend, life is easier and has fewer hiccups along the way. Always reinforce positive thoughts in your daily life. During games and training, self-motivation helps maintain a positive attitude and mental state, which is essential for success.

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