One of the most important things about a destination wedding is to make it memorable. Whether you are holding it in the mountains or at a beach, here are five grand ideas to make your wedding ceremony and reception an unforgettable one.

Keep your wedding guests comfortable

Discomfort negates fun. The number one priority in terms of making your destination weddings unforgettable is to keep your guests engaged and comfortable. Your guests may not enjoy your signature cocktails or sumptuous menu if there is a swarm of mosquitoes in your wedding venue or if the AC is not working properly. Always think of what your guests will experience during your wedding.

If you will be hosting an outdoor wedding in summer, welcome your guests with iced tea or cold lemonade. Instead of allowing your guests to sweat during the exchange of vows, consider offering paper fans, or positioning electric fans around where the guests will be seated, to keep everyone cool.

Have shaded lounge areas where guests can cool off and relax. Whether it involves customization of a poolside rest area with plush pillows, or glamming up the cabana of your venue, your guests will appreciate having a comfortable sanctuary where they can relax and mingle with one another.

On the other hand, if it is a winter wedding, offer your guests hot cocoa or cider when they arrive at the venue, and consider offering blankets if appropriate. For winter weddings, you’ll also want to ensure there are heaters appropriate to the venue and the number of guests.

Your guests should be kept occupied before and/or after the actual wedding itself. They’ve traveled a long way to be with you on this special day, so they deserve a little extra. Consider offering activities such as horseback riding, a beach picnic or hiking before or after your destination wedding.


Level up your wedding giveaways

As part of your wedding giveaways, give welcome bags that are filled with destination wedding essentials (in case your wedding will be held somewhere outside the city). Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you provide them with practical items like sunscreen, local map, towel, and some local snacks and treats.

Add some unique wedding decor

Natural elements should be integrated into your wedding décor. If your venue is a beach, its lush forests, white sand, and turquoise waters are sources of inspiration for your decorations. For a beach wedding to be unforgettable, you may add some coral vases, seashell garlands, or a palm frond arch for a natural yet sophisticated appeal.

Make sure that you have enough food and drinks

Customize your unique dessert bar. If your wedding happens to be in the summer, a frozen dessert bar complete with tropical treats such as passion fruit sorbets, mango ice cream sandwiches, and guava popsicles will enable your guests to enjoy your wedding and be refreshed.

Cocktail drinks should also be served when your guests have arrived at the reception venue. Your signature drinks could be a slushy margarita, a refreshing mojito, or a fruity rum punch.

Moreover, you also need to ensure that food and drinks are sufficient for everyone. After all, fed guests are considered as happy guests. Nothing is worse than arriving at a wedding party where other guests have already swiped all the appetizers. Plus, you need to communicate to your caterer that the food service needs to be timely and substantial, so that all guests are fully satisfied.

Your guests may crave for something to nibble after dancing the night away. If you offer a snack to them even in the wee hours of your wedding after-party or reception, they will thank you for it. Your guests can be treated with a late-night food station to ensure they get the boost they need for the party to keep moving.

Keep your wedding party moving

Music provides a unique vibe to your reception. Hiring a wedding DJ or live band will keep your guests on the dance floor and your party moving. The key to a memorable reception is nailing the music.


A great band or DJ will not only attract your guests, but they will be motivated to dance the night away. It’s also essential to keep everyone engaged as well.

Your band or DJ will not only play great music, they’ll also entice the guests out onto the dancefloor and ensure the party gets started and keeps pumping til late in the night. This is the part of your day that your guests will truly treasure the memory of forever – celebrating the new chapter in your life with you in an exotic destination.


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