For holiday season 2020, diamonds are not a girl’s only best friend. This year, there’s a cornucopia of family and female forward jewelry brands, offering up the latest designs made with extra love and care.

Dune Jewelry & Co. is utterly unique.  Founded in 2010, the high-quality brand incorporates sand and natural elements from thousands of the world’s most loved locations, all catalogued in a “sandbank.” One can literally choose sands that reflect life’s most favorite memories, from the beaches of the South of France, Malibu, Mykonos and hundreds of other possibilities.  One can also send in their own elements for a truly bespoke design.

Dune Jewelry & Co.

“I believe that jewelry’s value lies not only in its beauty, but in its sentimental worth. Every piece of Dune is handcrafted and personalized just for you, in order to capture life’s most precious moments in a tangible reminder that you can hold forever,” comments founder Holly Daniels Christensen.

A portion of every order is donated to important coastal and global causes.

Sorrelli, which means sisters in Italian, was founded by designer Lisa Oswald, who while invited to all the hottest soirées in New York in the ’80s, still had nothing to wear. So, she decided to take charge and make her own bold creations.

The line features high quality elements with Swarovski® crystals, semi-precious stones and multi-faceted crystals sourced from all over the world, with brass base metal that is flash-plated in a variety of finishes like 14k rose gold, rhodium and 10k bright gold. Every item is handcrafted and has a lifetime guarantee.

Lisa Oswald with daughter Lily | Sorrelli

Today, Lisa’s daughter Lily is CEO, making the company a second generation, female founded, and family-led brand.

The Theresa Hoop Earrings and Sedge Stacked Ring in rose garden are simply exquisite.

Described as “wearable art for the soul,” New Jersey-based The Goddaughters’ designs are described as “rooted in symbolism with hints and reminders intended to empower the human spirit and elevate joy.”

“Much of our inspiration comes from the simplicity of nature and the complexity of life. When wearing Goddaughters’ designs you will feel the effects of the six facets known to bring inner peace – mindfulness, clarity, positivity, strength, confidence and protection,” comments designer Angela Deegan.

Angel Eyes Heart Twist Earrings

The Angel Eyes Heart Twist Earrings are both classic and unique at the same time.

Suzanne Vetillart CEO of Boma, a brand founded by her parents Thailand-born Boon and Chieko in 1981 in Seattle, comments, “Today I am blessed to continue our family’s heritage of a truly lasting and sustainable company while down on our ethical and sustainable commitments to all our workers. All items are ethically made in the family-owned factory through its vision to support its artisans with lifelong careers.”

Bella Two-Way Necklace in Turquoise

The Bella Two-Way Necklace in turquoise and gold vermeil or mother of pearl and sterling silver is sure to please any recipient.

In 2016, the Boma Girl Fund was created to support scholarships, book drives and community event for its workers and their families.

New York City-based Adina’s Jewels (Adinas) is a one-stop jewelry shop dedicated to designing contemporary and affordable jewelry for everyday wear. Founder Adina Kamkhatchi, who was named after her late grandmother, launched the company, which quickly turned into a thriving business with the assistance of her family.

“I am so happy that my family was there to help and now we are proud to call ourselves a successful family business,” says the 24-year-old entrepreneur.

A celebrity and influencer favorite, the brand’s sterling silver and 14K gold plated designs offer styles that are trendy, reasonably priced, available online and in department stores nationwide.

Pavé Pastel Butterflies Necklace by Adinas

A new partner to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Adinas will be supporting breast cancer research year-round with its pink hued jewelry. The Pavé Pastel Butterflies Necklace is a showstopper.

Liora Elhanani ‘s Studio L Jewelry offers elegant light-weight handmade pieces inspired by the essence of The Holy Land, a sacred area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean in the modern state of Israel and surrounding landmarks, representing longevity, valiantness and grace.

Handcrafted by talented Israeli designers, the jewelry is made from premium quality materials, including 24K gold and sterling silver-plated brass, Swarovski® crystals, freshwater pearls, resins and fabrics.

With over a decade of experience curating the best collections for customers, Studio L produces small quantities in styles to suit every taste.

Samantha Boho Multi-Layer Heart Necklace & Earrings

“I love to make people look great and feel gorgeous. My jewelry line is about adorning and celebrating all body types, looks and lifestyles,” says Elhanani.

Nashville-based Carden Avenue is the vision of soccer moms Suzanne Crook and Carolyn Greenfield. The line of unique necklaces, bracelets and earrings spotlights the personal touch for which the avenue is known.   The designs are inspired by one-of-a-kind treasures from area vintage shops and unique finds that can be transformed into beautiful artistic pieces. The dueling pearl cuffs are simply divine.

Dueling Pearl Cuffs

To Suzanne and Carolyn, “nothing is more gratifying than seeing their jewelry around the necks and wrists of so many women.”

Texas-based Juli Hales founded Julio Designs, a brand that features handmade jewelry offering a modern fusion of vintage and contemporary.  The band has expanded in recent years to include customized, printed graphics on apparel and home goods.

Julio Designs

Not only are the products made in the USA, Juli is dedicated to employing women from her community, many of whom are mothers who desire meaningful career opportunities, while maintaining a balance in their lives.

Not to be overlooked is SKYE, a brand that makes timeless fashions and jewelry, with impeccable artisanal craftmanship, honest pricing and environmentally friendly practices.

“I have always adored minimal yet elegant aesthetics that blend California effortlessness and French chic. I craved pieces that are timeless, feminine, well-made, and more importantly, at an accessible price point. This was why I created SKYE,” comments the line’s founder.

Meline Golden 18K Gold Earrings by SKYE

The dramatic Meline Golden 18K Gold Earrings inspired by long stem roses will add a touch of romance to any look.

And if diamonds are still on the wish list, highly recommended come the stunning jewelry pieces by Diamond Veneer, offering an innovative, elevated process of making cubic zirconias. The brand offers beautiful designs that are almost impossible to know, “are they real or are they imitation?” The brand’s four carat studs will be part of the 2020 gift bags of the 2020 Cinemoi Fashion Film Awards.

Diamond Veneer

And finally, why not help a friend or loved one find some stress relief, using more mindful breathing with a unique crystal necklace by Healing Crystal Company? In addition to its aesthetic qualities, the brand’s patent-pending necklace, which comes in rose quartz, amethyst, black obsidian and white jade, doubles as a mindful breathing tool that helps to slow one’s breathing and calm one’s body and mind. Very much needed and appreciated during these times.

Rose Quartz Breathing Mindful Necklace

The 100% female-run also has a “crystal karma” program that donates a portion of sales to non-profit organizations that work to provide healthcare to children with respiratory diseases in developing countries.


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