Naturally beautiful, overflowing with culture, and welcoming of tourism, India is a country that every individual must experience.  Whether you are a lover of nature or an architecture aficionado, there is something for everyone in this vast landscape.  Maybe you are not as interested in the founding history of a country, but you are intrigued by the current society- you will not be disappointed by venturing to India. The country is known for meditation, relaxation, and balancing one’s energy. India is still very prevalent in the realm of fun and fulfilling fantasies.

When traveling in an unfamiliar country, it is easy to become lost and unsure as to which venues and events you should visit. India is one of the countries that many visitors become lost in. Travelers may know how to walk to the local bakery and back to their hotel just fine- but where is the culture adventure in that? If you want to experience India properly, there are several stops you must make during your journey.


Some of the oldest temples and buildings are found in India.  The Taj Mahal, Meenakshi Temple, and The Golden Temple are just a few of the marvelous buildings that grace India’s land.  These holy temples give India its immense spiritual power and its rich culture.  Through the test of times, and disastrous weather, these temples have survived.

The Taj Mahal stands in Agra, and it is the most well-known temple in India, and arguably the world.  South India’s most profound and important temples is the Meenakshi Temple, which can be found in Madurai.  The city of Amritsar houses the temple that attracts enough visitors to challenge the Taj Mahal in guests, The Golden Temple.


If you are into the nightlife scene full of dancing and drinks, India will supply you well.  Shiro, named the Best Bar for Dancing in the 2014 Times Food and Nightlife Awards, should be the way to end your first night in India.  This building opens as a restaurant in the morning, but morphs into a nightclub at eleven o’clock p.m.. This club is decorated with Buddha sculptures, while being lowly lit to create an intimate and sexy environment.

The Blue Bar, with indoor and outdoor seating, allows for and intimate and exciting setting.  Their cocktails are known to be some of the best in country, while their music creates an airy and fun atmosphere.


Bollywood, India’s “Hollywood” scene, has exploded over the past decade.  The stars of Bollywood have gained success and fame within their country and among other countries.  Like Hollywood’s stars, many desire a glimpse of these famous individuals.  While the Bollywood stars can be found in clubs and experiencing the nightlife, they are more often found in common places.  Men and women alike have been spotted at the Siddhivinayak Temple, a Hindu temple dedicated to Ganesha.  At Siddhivinayak Temple, early and late on Tuesday, the stars have been seen giving praise and respect to Ganesha.  The Taj Hotel is where the most rich Bollywood stars dine and relax.  Because the stars frequent this hotel’s restaurant so often, the chef has named several dishes after Bollywood’s beloved.  If you wish to get a workout in while trying to catch the eye of a superstar, you may want to visit Juhu Beach early in the morning on the weekends.  Many Bollywood stars have been sighted at Juhu working on and toning their figure.  They are also easy to spot, because many of the stars have their bodyguards jogging alongside.



Whenever India is brought up in conversation, Delhi is always discussed.  This city is rich in culture, architecture, and history.  While their culture today is beautiful and exuberant, the founding of Delhi is just as fascinating.  However, as the capital city, tourists and visitors are easy to spot and are taken advantage of often.  With that in mind, keep track of your belongings, but do not forget to capture your every moment.

Another city that must be ventured to and through is Hampi.  Hampi is known as one of the greatest Hindu kingdoms in India’s history.  As the last capital of Vijayanagar, this city is known for it’s mystical and beautiful ruins, which tell a lot of India’s history.

A city full of adventure, history, and captivation is Ancient Madurai.  This city is more than 4,000 years old, which explains its emphasis on religious continuance.  The Meenakshi Temple lies within this city.


Beaches, jungles, and deserts are not to be forgotten when visiting India’s beautiful land.  While Juhu beach is nice to walk when looking for celebrities, it is also a beautiful beach to lay back and relax.  The most popularly visited beaches are in Goa.  The crystal clear water attracts families, while the night time parties draw in the rowdy crowds.  Gokarna and Varkala are two of the most popular shorelines.

One national park that allows to you see the beautiful Bengal Tiger, as well as take a safari ride via jeep or elephant back, is Bandhavgarth.  While you may take your safari in the safety of a jeep, how can you pass on venturing through the wild on the back of an elephant?

Rajasthan, known as India’s desert state, is glorious despite its barren land.  The most popular desert in this state is the Thar Desert, also known as Land of Kings.  From warriors to forts to palaces, Rajasthan allows the ultimate culture experience.


When visiting any foreign land, it is a must that you try as much of their food as possible.  While it is nice to dine in fancy restaurants and divine settings, there is something primal and invigorating about street food.  And India’s street food is one of a kind.  Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar is known as the venue to experience.  The food offered is known as the most authentic in the city, and you receive generous portions for the amount paid.  However, most street food sites are not placed in the best neighborhood.  If you are looking to experience genuine Indian food, but want a high safety level, travel to Prince’s Paan & Chaat Corner in M. Block Market.  The security is buffed up, but the food stays true to its country.



India is known as one of the founding countries when it comes to peace and serenity.  Finding peace and serenity is done through yoga, meditation, massages, and relaxation.  Shreyas Yoga Retreat in Bangalore is one of the best acclaimed spas in India. The spa specializes in classical Hatha yoga, pranayama (breathing), and pratyahara (meditation).  Shreyas encourages the guests to partake in the nature walks and promotes community involvement.  Although the guests are only a part of the community for a minimal time, the natives continue to encourage the tourists to become one with the culture.

If you are suffering from muscle aches, arthritis, and/or mental illnesses, then you must visit Ayurvedagram, also in Bangalore.  This spa bases its foundation upon the Ayurveda practices of yoga, pranayama, meditation, and beauty treatments.  Unlike most spas, the experience is different for every visitor, and that is because the spa tailors it for every guest individually.


While in India, there is only one thing item that you must return home with- and that is a sari.  A sari is a beautiful, floor length fabric that wraps elegantly around your body.  Saris come in many different colors, with a variety of patterns.  The more decorated and ornamented a sari becomes, the higher up it goes in price.  It is possible to acquire a sari for 150 rupees ($3.50 USD), the material will be cheap and will not last long.  However, if you wish to own an authentic and lasting sari, you should expect to pay 3,500 rupees ($80 USD).  The best places to obtain an authentic sari are Dadar Emporium and Suruchi Saree Mandir.

If you were to visit India, where would you stop first?  Leave your comment below.

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