Traveling is a must for everyone. It gives us the opportunity to create memories, expand our horizon, experience different cultures, gain inspiration from new people, and simply experience life to the fullest.


Every year, 1.2 billion people pack their bags and embark to their international travel. In 2017 alone, about 1.3 billion traveled around the globe and it increased by up to 5 percent in 2018.


Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned traveler or a jet-setter, follow these travel tips before heading out to your international destination.


Learn A Few Basic Phrases of Their Language

Traveling internationally is literally going to a foreign country. In order for you to feel welcomed and fully immersed you need to learn a few basics words. Knowing as simple as how to say “Hello”, “Good Morning”, or “Thank You” in the native language of your destination is important. It makes the locals feel respected, and in return, they will respect you and welcome you even more.


Its also a good idea to learn how to say “restroom”, “food”, and “danger”.

Knowing the Norm Of Transportation

If you think the only mode of transportation you would need to worry about is the airplane, well you are wrong. Once you have landed at your destination, you can not expect to have the same mode of transportation available back home. You need to properly adjust and know how locals travel around the area. Not only is this practical, but it also gives you a sense of immersion on how the people in the country go about their life. In addition, it is a great way to have an adventure.


Bringing Technology

Devices like laptops and smartphones have now become a staple for most people. No one can leave their home without bringing with them their trusty smartphone. When traveling internationally, electronic devices will become more important to you than ever. These electronic gadgets are like lifesavers and family connectors. You will use it to get information on your whereabouts and things to do; it will also keep you in touch with your family back home.


Bringing a streaming device is a good idea. Plugging them in the smart TV in your hotel, makes you instantly feel like you are home.


Rules, Regulations, and Laws

Being a visitor to a beautiful country, it is your responsibility to abide by their rules and respect their cultural norms. The application of this starts right when you arrive at their airport and met with customs and their immigration authority. You also need to strictly and properly observe the restrictions that they impose at the airport. Make sure to follow their rules so that your airport transaction run smoothly as possible, and makes you start your amazing traveling journey as soon as possible.



If you would like to make the most of your international journey, you need to be in your best health condition. No one wants to have a fever on their second day at a tropical paradise. Some destinations require you to have some vaccinations to keep you protected from a potential health concern.


Also, make sure you drink from a clean water source before you try their tap water. Exotic food is enticing to try but make sure your tummy is ready for some unfamiliar ingredients. You do not want to stay in the bathroom for most of the day.


Before you schedule and book your flight, do a little research on the weather of your chosen destination on a specific time. Going to Southeast Asia during monsoon season may leave you remembering strong typhoons rather than their amazing culture. Heading to Japan in early March will cause you to miss the beautiful cherry blossom by only a few weeks, that’s some lost opportunity for some Instagram-worthy picture.


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