We introduce to you 5 awesome furniture DIY hacks, because who wants boring decor? Find out how you can take your furniture from lack-lustre to wow, and check out some Sofology reviews that’ll leave you wanting to DIY-it from here on out!


  1. Fake it


Want to have a piece of furniture which oozes quality but don’t have thousands to fork out for what you had in mind? Then fake it! You could go looking for a dupe, but if there’s something you already have your eye on or have been generously gifted, why not do it up yourself. Not only do you get to have fun, but the outcome is a fantastic-looking piece of furniture.


DIY: Take a standard pine table and wood stain it to give it a richer, up-market feel.


  1. Mash-up


Who says furniture has to serve the function it was made for? Take an ordinary piece of furniture and give it an overhaul to either revamp into something new, or use it for a non-intended purpose


DIY: One for kids – take an old set of drawers or bookshelf, give it a lick of paint and add a roof to create your kids’ very own doll-house.


  1. Bespoke


We’ve already mentioned wood staining, but what about other materials like plastic or fabrics? Jazz up a plastic surface with washi tape, or use the tape as a stencil to paint some geometric shapes – the world is your oyster. Get crafty and sew some pre-made patches onto cushions or if you have mad upholstery skills, completely revamp a sad living room chair!


DIY: Take some lace and use as a stencil over the surface you want to update. Spray or dab paint over and create a delicate vintage effect.


  1. In Disguise


When is a shelf not a shelf? When it’s a table. If you’re looking for a space saving alternative piece of furniture, or something that you can’t see on the market, why not make one yourself?


DIY: Take a plain solid shelf or one with drawers, add either 4 legs or two and affix to the wall. Bob’s your uncle – a bespoke piece of furniture which actually suits you.


  1. Comfy


Have a piece of furniture that was the bees knees when you bought it, but it’s slowly lost its appeal? I’m sure you have more than one. Well nothing makes something loved once more when you add the comfort factor. Throws, cushions and any form of padding can transform the seat only taken out when you have guests over and in need of bums on seats, to the most popular piece of furniture in your household!


DIY: Attach faux fur or a padded seat cushion to an old stool to add glam and that all-sought-after comfort.


So before you go ahead and spend big money on a piece of furniture, first check out that company’s reviews at Reviews.co.uk, and then see if you can refresh what you already have. Happy DIYing!


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