Every once in a while, it can be nice to splurge on a dream holiday in one of the most luxurious places in the world. While these trips often leave your wallet a bit lighter, they present a great opportunity to experience the world and immerse yourself in a relaxing and exciting adventure.

If you have the budget but are short on ideas for your next big holiday, then it can help to read up on trending luxury destinations around the world. Even when you have the funds to take yourself on a luxury trip, it can help to know where the best places are to find great value.

To give you some inspiration for your next big trip, let’s look at five of the most luxurious travel destinations to visit in 2020.

Vienna, Austria

As one of the major European capitals with a rich and vibrant history, Vienna has long offered tourists a travel experience centred around luxury. However, these days the Austrian capital is even more opulent and enjoyable. The entire country has made many efforts to entice tourists and highlight the wonders that Austria has to share. In Vienna itself, you will find may brand-new contemporary hotels that are outfitted with luxurious amenities. You will also enjoy strolling through the city’s many museums and experience the opulence of past generations.

Dubai, UAE

As the host city for Expo 2020, Dubai is currently revamping its infrastructure and tourism offerings to be able to highlight more wonders. Chances are, however, that you have already heard about some of the outrageous highlights that Dubai has to offer. The city is known for its excess in all areas. From the staggering heights of the Burj Khalifa to the splendour of the city’s many shopping areas, you are sure to find something to meet your need for extravagance in this destination.

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Kyoto, Japan

As the Olympics get set up to take place in Japan in 2020, the country is boosting its infrastructure and cultural offerings to take advantage of the tourist influx. As such, you can find world-class hotels in Kyoto’s rich and vibrant districts to suit your most luxurious needs. While any location in Japan will be sure to please, Kyoto contains the fixings of an opulent imperial history that are sure to be of interest to many tourists.


While you might be more familiar with Singapore as a layover port than a holiday destination, this is rapidly changing. The country now offers many luxurious hotels and interesting sights to see throughout its major districts. The famous Raffles Hotel, for example, has recently opened again after extensive renovations. This is the birthplace of the classic Singapore Sling cocktail, so be sure to stop by to sample it!

California, USA

The diversity of California makes it a great destination for those who want to explore the outdoors but also live in the lap of luxury each night. With access to major national parks nearby, you can enjoy staying in the opulent hotels of Los Angeles or San Francisco and still explore the natural environment with ease.

Find The Luxury You Seek

Any of these destinations are perfect for enjoying true luxury while aboard. Choose a destination from this list and make your plans to start relaxing right away. With your destination decided upon and your travel insurance secured, you can embark on your dream holiday ready to have the trip of a lifetime.

Appreciate Luxury With Peace Of Mind

As a final note, enjoying luxury requires mindfulness and being in the moment. This can’t be achieved if your head is running wild with ‘what if’ scenarios that could be covered with travel insurance. Taking the time to invest in online travel insurance will help you enjoy luxury travel even more with the added peace of travel insurance offers. You can take your mind off of the stress of worrying about the many what-ifs that arise in the course of travelling.


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