Thanks to the rise of Instagram and the ability to peek in the lives of the rich and famous has led to many people splashing out for a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. This is entirely possible if you know where to make a saving. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do if you want to be able to afford luxury on a budget.

The Car of Your Dreams

Many people dream of having a luxury car and, in particular, many dream of owning a Cadillac CTS. This is a truly high-end car but a new one will set you back over 46,000 dollars. If you have a budget but don’t want to give up on owning a Cadillac, why not consider buying second-hand?

An Enviable Wardrobe

A budget-friendly way to create an enviable wardrobe is to hit the thrift stores. Most people think that these are full of clothes that only your grandmother will want to wear but you can very easily find something designer on the rails if you are just willing to spend some time searching. Get to know your local thrift store. They will have a designated day when they put the stuff out on the rails and this will be your best chance to pick up some designer pieces.

You can also check out apps like Depop where you can pick up some second-hand designer pieces from specialist sellers at amazing prizes. Dressing in designer doesn’t require shopping at high-end boutiques. You can source an amazing outfit for very little if you know where to look for the pieces.

A Luxury Getaway

If you are sick of seeing people go away on amazing luxury trips, you should start looking for one you can enjoy. There are many ways you can pick up a trip to an amazing destination on the cheap. The first is to simply enter competitions. Free trips get put up as grand prizes all the time and, while there is no guarantee, there is always a chance you might win!

You could also sign up for a luxury holiday discount website. These offer you specialised deals which can be all-inclusive including flights or just room and board. Hotels don’t like empty rooms so you might be able to find massive discounts to some truly dream destinations. See what deals you can find today!

As you can see, it is easier than you think to afford luxury even on a budget. Have a look to see what bargains you can find out there now.