Once you’ve experienced luxury travel, you’ll realize there’s nothing quite like it. From the private white sandy beaches, to the finest cuisine and exquisite resorts, there’s a reason luxury travel is an aspiration for so many.

That being said, it’s also no secret that the most lavish travel experiences tend to carry a high price tag. While worth every penny, finding ways to save could mean enjoying an additional dreamy destination – and who doesn’t want that?

Here are four ways you can travel in luxury for less.

Travel Out of Season

It’s no secret that traveling during peak season can come with a premium. Whether this is for hotels or flights, going on holiday in the school summer holidays, for example, could result in your luxury vacation carrying a higher price tag.

To travel for less, you could consider booking out of season. While temperatures may be slightly cooler, you can secure luxury suites for less, find cheaper flights and with fewer travelers around, enjoy a more peaceful getaway.

Stay Somewhere Different

There are some beautiful cities and destinations that are always popular with tourists, such as Paris and Dubai. This also means that these locations are often expensive, from the price of accommodation to dining out.

One solution is to consider visiting different locations. For example, France is teeming with beautiful destinations just waiting to be explored – including these picture-postcard villages. Choosing an alternative city or region is often an excellent way to enjoy luxury and experience authentic culture, all for less.

Take a Private Jet

Private jets are for wealthy billionaires and celebrities, right? Wrong. While you may book a first-class ticket to experience in-flight luxuries, a private jet can elevate the way you travel.

What’s more, chartering a private jet may cost less than you think. This is because of empty leg options, which are essentially return flights without passengers. These are often offered with huge discounts, so you can travel like the elite for less.

When to Book

When it comes to saving on luxury travel, there are two booking options that can lead to big savings: early and late. Choosing early-bird deals for the following year could mean a discount on your trip. Alternatively, if you can be flexible with timings, a last-minute deal could see you secure a luxury holiday for a fraction of the cost.

Have you got any other tips to save on luxury travel? If so, let us know if the comments below.

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